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SIXTY—EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 364. 1925. 1031 Ifor the purchase of law books, including the exchange thereof, for ,{°°’¤ *0* i¤di¤i¤1 United States ]udges, district attorne s, and other judicial officers ° wm includmg_ the nine libraries of the Uynited States circuit courts of appeals, including not to exceed $25,000 for the purchase of the F°°°“‘* R°"°“°'· Federal Reporter and continuations thereto as issued, to be expended under the direction of the Attorney General: Pm/vided, That such $',,'§'{,,‘;‘§’,;m,,, ,,, ,,,0, books shall in all cases be transmitted to their successors in office; °°S¤°¤· all books purchased thereunder to be marked plainly, “The property of the United States," $65,000. PENAL INSTITUTIONS P¤¤¤l i¤=¤¤¤¤¤¤¤- Leavenworth, Kansas, Penitentiary: For subsistence, including {,,’§',§§;',,Q;*”· Kmsupplies from the prison stores for warden, deputy warden, and ` physician, tobacco for prisoners, kitchen and dining—room furniture and ugnsilfséo seeds and implements, and for purchase of ice if necessar , 203, ; lgror clothing, transportation, and traveling expenses, including ,,§,1°,§,*_§“g·‘”“P°““‘ materials for making clothing at the penitentiary; gratuities for ` prisoners at release, provided such gratuities shall be furnished to prisoners sentenced for terms of imprisonment of not less than six months, and transportation to place of conviction or place of bona Bde residence in the United States, or to such other place within the United States as may be authorized b the Attorney General; expenses of shipping remains of deceased, prisoners to their homes in the United States; expenses of penitentiary officials while traveling on official duty; expenses incurred in pursuing and identifying escaped prisoners, and for rewards for their recapture, $112,000; _ For miscellaneous expenditures, in the discretion of the Attorney M"°°““‘°°‘“· General, fuel, forage, hay, light, water, stationery; firearms and ammunition therefor; fuel for generating steam heating apparatus, v burning bricks and lime; forage for issue to public animals, and hay and straw for bedding; not exceeding $500 for maintenance and repair of m0tor—propelled and horse-drawn passenger-carrying vehicles; blank books, blank forms, typewriting supplies, pencils and memorandum books for guards, boo s for use in chapel, paper, envelopes, and postage stamps for issue to prisoners; abor and materials for repairm steam-heating plant, electric plant, and water circulation, and drainage; labor and materials for construction and re air of buildings, general supplies, machmeryl, and tools for use on farm and in shops, brickyards, quarry, limeki , laundry, bathrooms, printing office, photograph gallery, stables, policing building and grounds; purchase of cow_s, horses, mules, wagons, harness, veterinary supplies; lubricating oils, office furniture, stoves, blankets, bedding, iron bunks, paints and oils, library books, newspapers and periodicals, and electrical supplies; payment of water supply, telegrams, telephone service, notarial an veterinary services; advertising in newspapers; fees to consulting physicians called to determine mental conditions of supposed insane prisoners, and for other services in case of emergency; pay of extra guards or_ employees when deemed necessary by the Attorney General; Provzded, K,“,,&'“ That livestock may be exchanged or traded when authorized by the Attorney General, $184,500. _ _ _ _ _ Hm,m_ For hospital supplies, medicines, medical and surgical supplies, and all other articles for the care and treatment of sick prisoners; and for expenses of interment of deceased prisoners on the penitentiary reservation, $10,000. _ _ muh For salaries of all officers and employees, including guards and ‘ foremen, $220,000;