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162 SIXTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. C11. 190. 1924. the visa in the immigration visa as such, and (4) is otherwise tlgnmvisahrnnnnnd n adnaifsge milder] the impugration gawsh h d_t_ re ns cmwmw suc c asses 0 cases an un er sue con 1 ions as may my °bs°““‘ be by regulations prescribed immigrants who have been legally admitted to the United States and who depart therefrom temporarily may be admitted to the United States without being required to Mens ,nnng,n,,, ,0 obtain an immigration visa. citzznlship not ad- U (c;dN§ alien ineligiblol to citizenship shall be admitted to the mi: 'ams. nit tates un ess suc alien (1) is admissible as a non-quota mp immigrant under_the proyisions of subdivision (b), (d), or (e) of section 4, or (2) is the wife, or the unmarried child under 18 years of age, of an immigrant admissible under such subdivision (d), and is accompanying or following to join him, or (3) is not an immigrant p,nn,n,n,nn,y nd_ as defined in section 3. _ O mission of <>¤¤¤¤¤S¤ (d) The Secretary of Labor may admit to the United States any iiiixmiiisigigiuoiiiiiiludig- otherwise admissible immigrant not admissible under clause (2) ""‘°'“ "'S“·"°°· or (3) of subdivision (a) of this section, if satisfied that such inadriplissilgliiiy vias not lrnowrg to, andbleougdh not have been asce _ me y e exercise 0 reasona e i °gence by such immigrant %1or to the departure of the vessel from the last port outsidetghe nite? States and 0UtS1d8•foI‘6;§I1 cogitiguous territory, or in e case o an immigrant comin om oreign conti ous Ennntnn nnnnnnnty teiiritog, prior to the application of the §mmigrant for admissgiii. quota. (d(e)f do qupta 1mmligra1;t_shal1 bte_ admitted lilinlder sugdivisiog 1 e_ en ire num er 0 unmigra ion visas w c may e issue to quota immigrants of the same nationality for the fiscal year has already been issued. If such entire number of immigration visas not been issued, then the Secretary of State, u on the admission of a quota imnugrant under subdivision (d), shall) reduce by one the_ number of immigration visas which may be issued to quota immigrants of the same nationality durin the fiscal year in which such immigrant is admitted; but if the ieeretary of State finds that it will not be practicable to make such reduction before tléonendd of such fiscal year, then such immigrant shall not be a itte . Noremissionottrans- . . . . . pommoniinbuity. (if) _N0th1Dg IH this_section shall authorize the remisskm or romp. ma. refunding of a fine, liability to which has accrued under sectioii 16. Depcrtation. DEP0RTA’n0N· n,;‘§§,‘}§§’l,§{,°§§‘;{,‘§§§'g§ V Sec. _14. Any alien who at any time after entering the United r¤¤»¤¤¤- states is foun to have been at the time of entry not entitled under this Act to_ enter the United States, or to have remained therein for a longer time than permitted under this Act or regulations made v.,l_3,,,,,,,_m,n0, thereunder, shall be taken unto custody and deported in the Same p,,,,,,,,,_ _ manner as provided for in sections 19 and 20 of the Immigration nnC{gn¤,;·¤;l·g,ji;;*gnn,;<f,; Act of 1917 : Pro/vided,_That the Secretary of Labor may, under such pg%n;1n;:(;>négz:<;!§1aI1ya1- <;0I1(],1£l0l1S and 1‘0StI‘lCtl0l1S RS to SHPPOIT 8.11d C&I‘6 RS 118 may deem ’ necessary, permit permanently tp remain in the United States, any alien child who,_when under sixteen years of age was heretofore temporarily admitted to the United States and who is now within the United States and either of whose parents is a citizen of the United States. Mnjmnnnnn 0, E,. 11A1N·rr:NANcn or nxnmrr s*rA·1Us. emptsmtus. rgnnnéinnsmnn inn f Sec.h15.1'§he admission to the United States of an alien excepted gndmmd&nB;11srj¤z» rom thec ss of immigrants by clause (2), (3), (4), (5), or (gg of section 3, or declared to be a non-quota immigrant by subdivision (e) of section 4, shall be for such_time as may be by regulations prescribed, and under such conditions as may be by regulations