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SIXTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 190. 1924. 163 prescribed _ (including, when deemed necessary for the classes mentioned in clauses (2), (3), (4), or (6) of section 3, the giving oi bond with sufficient surety, in such sum and containing such conditions as may be by regulations rescribed) to insure that, at the expiration of such time or upon failure to maintain the status under wh1ch admitted, he will depart from the United States. PENALTY ron rtmcnn TRANSPORTATION. tigfgal *¤¤¤S¤<>¤¤· Sec. 16. (a) It shall be unlawful for any person, including any pgiiilgigiiuiiiiz iiiiigii transportation company, or the owner, master, agent, charterer, or {§§,.°g1"‘$°$· °°°-· *1** consignee of any vessel, to bring to the United States by water from ` any place outside thereof (other than foreign contiguous territory) (1) any immigrant who does not have an unexpired immigration visa,_or (2) any quota immigrant having an immigration visa the visa in w ich specifies him as a non—quota immigrant. (b) If it appears to the satisfaction of the Secretary of Labor P°‘“‘“Y· that any immigrant has been so brought, such person, or transportation company, or the master, agent, owner, charterer, or consignee of any such vessel shall pay to the collector of customs of the customs district in which the port of arrival is located the Amount ,,,,,,0, his sum of $1,000 for each immigrant so brought, and in addition a f§g{§1Q°¤¤°i:>¤· i¤ edsum equal to that paid by such immigrant for his transportation ' from the initial point of departure indicated in his ticket, to the port of arrival, such latter sum to be delivered by the collector of _ customs to the immigrant on whose account assessed. No vessel h,,i).i{’°"“°°t°b°WT°h’ shall be granted clearance pending the determination of the liability to the payment of such sums, or while such sums remain unpai , _ - except that clearance may be granted prior to the determination of i° “°°"'° such question u n the deposit of an amount sufficient to cover such sums, or of a {bind with sufficient surety to secure the payment thereof approved by the collector of customs. (c) Such sums shall not be remitted or refunded, unless it ,°f§§g§_§§°“ °' '°'“¤d appears to the satisfaction of the Secretary of Labor that such Ex¤e¤uZm_i1 me me _ person, and the owner, master, agent, charterer, and consignee of °°°°l°°°”"°°°1 °"°" the vessel, prior to the departure of the vessel from the last port outside the United States, did not know, and could not have ascertained by the exercise of reasonable diligence, (1) that the individual transported was an immigrant, if the fine was imposed for bringing an immigrant without an unexpired immigration visa or (2) that the individual transported was a quota immigrant, if the fine was imposed for bringing a quota immigrant the visa in whose immigration visa specified him as being a non-quota immigrant. ENTRY rnom ronnrcN coirrrcuous rnniuronr. ,,,,`§°§§,'§,§,‘§,'{‘ °°'*"‘g“‘ Sec. 17. The Commissioner General, with the approval of the °,.’§,‘§€',§°c°§,§,';,E}‘¤§@}’§; Secretary of Labor, shall have power to enter into contracts with i;u¤(;;¤:§¤¤;<Lgimi•;;ji» ef transportation lines for the entry and inspection of aliens coming ` to the United States from or through foreign contiguous territory. _ _ ID prescribing rules and regulations and making contracts for the b§,°§§‘§,’fmm“°i°“ '°" entry and inspection of aliens applying for admission from or through foreign contiguous territory due care shall be exercised to avoid any discriminatory action in favor of transportation companies transporting to such territory aliens destined to the _Un1ted C _ ml States, and all such transportation companies shall be required, as u;,;°;§” , m` a condition precedent to the inspection or examination under such rules and contracts at the ports of such contiguous territory of aliens brought thereto by them, to submit to and comply with all