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704 SIXTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. 1I. Cris. 4, 5. 1924. char es theretofore paid on account of the relinquished farm unit shallgbe credited on account of the new farm unit taken in exchange: mmmum_ Provided, That where two entrymen apply for the same farm umt women. under the exchange provision of this subsection, only one of whom v°l'°’°‘35& is an ex—service man, as defined by the joint resolution of J anuariy 21, 1922 (Forty-second Statutes, page 358), the ex-service man sha I have a preference in making such exchange. _ w§’g§“ggg?‘g mggj Strnsrzc. N. That all contracts providing for new projects and_new sblemadvmw. divisions of projects shall reqrure that all operation and mainted,§,{,;';°'°' “’°”'““°‘ nance charge shall be payable in advance. In each case where the ` · care, operation, and maintenance of a project or division of a project ° are transferred to the water users the contract shall require the pay- ·*·<i5¤¤¤>d www- ment of operation and maintenance charges in advance. That whenever anadjustment of water charges is made under this section the adjustment contract shall provide that thereafter all operation and maintenance charges shall be payable in advance. ch§',‘§,,‘f§"°§0°{,*;‘;,‘;“,§’, Smssmc. O. That the cost and expense after June 30, 1925, of the f¤¤<1¤¤¤ mi *0 WM main onice at Washington, District of Columbia, of the Bureau of mm Reclamation in the Department of the Interior, and the cost and expense of general investigations heretofore and hereafter authorized by the Secretary, shall be charged to the general reclamation fund and shall not be charged as a art of the construction or operation _ , and maintenance cost ayable gy the water users under the projects. ,,§;"§‘,‘,?j'”,,Y,}“*‘,,‘,§b,‘§§ Snnsmc. P. That wlllzre, in the opinion of the Secretary, a right ' landiwbhrwmd- of way or easement of any kind over public land is required in connection with a project the Secretary may reserve the same to the United States by filintg in the General Land Office and in the appropriate local land 0 ce copies of an instrument giving a description of the right of wa or easement and notice that the same is reserved to the United States for Federal irrigation purposes under this section, in which event entry for such land and the patent issued R·¤¤¤·=¤i¤¢. M therefor shall be subject to the right of way or easement so described in such instrument; and reference to each such instrument shall be made in the applropriate tract books and also in the patent. olgonajlgd rjropcrty Srresrc. Q. at where real property or any interest therein here- 2.,,, {Q, be ,,,,,.,‘§,',,‘{{,‘§f tofore has been or hereafter s al be, donated and conveyed to the United States for use in connection with a project, and the Secretary decides not to utilize the donation, he is authorized without charge to reconvey such property or any part thereof to the donating grantor, or to the heirs, successors, or assigns of such grantor. mAé¤&mt_ auéngi-pea Srmsnc. R. That there is hereby authorized to be appropriated from ,,,,,,€.,{§,'}‘,f§°,,,‘§,,§,'§§j the General Treasury, the sum of $100,000 for investigations to be ggggapfmyf °¤**>*‘¤* made by the Secretary through the Bureau of Reclamation to obtain necessary information to determine how arid and semiarid, swamp, and cut—over timberlands may best be developed. . rms once. Sno, 5. That this Act hereafter may be referred to as the “Second Deficiency Act, Fiscal Year 1924." Approved, December 5, 1924. December q, 1924. CHAP. 5.-An Act Makin additional appropriation f ; ·

 ing June 30, 1925, to enablegthe heads ofpthepseveralsdgjgsfrltiinlianltlgl diidrifirdg-

· * · · pendent establishments to_adjust the rates of compensation of civilian emplovees in certain of the field services. “ ,_ _ Be it enacted by the Senate and House 0 Re resentatéves o the ,h¢},g§'§,§';*}l,{{,‘,;§’,"},l;§',; United States of America in Congress assimbgd, That to eiiable

·v;;;&g;j>1¤vwS. ¤·¤· the heads of the several departments and independent establish-

` ments to adjust the compensation of civilian employees in certain Y field services to correspond, so far as may be practicable, to the rates "°L"·*’·"‘“ established by the Classification Act of 1923 for positions in the