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CONCURRENT RESOLUTIONS or CONGRESS. 1613 GONSTI'.l'UTION`OF THE Ummm) sryms. Resolved by the S emzte (the H owe if Representatives coneunwlng), _ That five thousand additional copies o the revised annotated Con- $'?$,,§§,{"",§‘}L;,,,,,,,,,,, stitution be printed for the use of the Congress, one thousand five °d*g*ig;*d*;j;1gij)¤}1¤¤d· hundred copies for the Senate and three thousand five hundred copies ` for the House of Representatives, and that the Senate Committee on the Judiciary be, and it is hereby, authorized to employ a competent person to assist in brmging the same up to date, his c<;t?>ensation to _ e aid out of the contingent fund of the Senate: Pro ed, That the €[,‘§'T,§§",.,, ,,1,, Pullilie Printer shall print not more than ten thousand additional copies of said revised annotated Constitution and offer the same for sale at the cost of printing and binding, plus 10 er centum, to persons who agree not to resell or distribute the same Ear profit. Passed, June 7, 1924. 45822°—voL 43—P’1‘ 2-—-18