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 mzziuonnu. smzvmn TO LATE Pnnsmniwr WILSON.

_ _ Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Seruzte corwurring, ,,,a"};'Q§s,“,§‘m{°§Y,‘§‘s0f;’ That Monday, the 15th day of December, 1924, be set aside as the day u on which there shall be held a joint session of the Senate and the Iilouse of Representatives for appropriate exercises in commemoration of the life, character, and) public service of the late Woodrow Wilson, former President of theqlnited. States. ap;,<g¤$;,m¤i¤¤¤b¤ That a joint committee to consist of five Senators and seven Mem- ' bers of the House of Representatives, to be appointed by the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Spesllser of the House of Representatives, respectively, shall be named, with full power to ma. e all arrangements and publish a suitable programme for the joint session of Congress herem authorized, and to issue the invita- Emmm 0, mm tions hereinafter mentioned. um. That invitations shall be extended to the President of the United States, the members of the Cabinet, the Chief Justice and Associate Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States, and such other Emma mm m_ mvitations shall be issued as to the said committee shall seem best. umm uma; emma That all expenses incurred by the committee in the execution of H"'”°°" the provisions of this resolution shall be paid, one—ha1f from the contingent fund of the Senate and one·half from the contingent fund o the House of Representatives. Passed, December 1, 1924. December e, 1924.

 nounav nncnss.

Resolved the House 0 Re esentatives (the Semte concurring), H°M°"°°°°°’m*‘ That when Ithe two Housé aegdurn on Satiuday, December 20, 1924, they stand adjourned until twelve o’cl0ck meridian Monday, December 29, 1924. Passed, December 6, 1924. December 16, 1924. [H·°°“·“°°··N°·“°·l ORATION on urn PRESIDENT wn.soN. . Resolved the House 0 Re esentatives (the Senate concurrz ) O n · J %e3§?E!gcj:¤x€>%t;1ii>i:z;l>:: That there ghall be compilgd, pprilnted with illustrations, and boliilgd, Aiea-mm. as may be directed by the Joint Committee on Prinf , 25,000 copies P“”‘*“‘ °‘°°""· of the eration delivered by Doctor Edwin Andersonlgderman in the House of Representatives during the exercises held in memory of the late President Woodrow Wilson on December 15, 1924, including all the proceedings and the program of exercises, of which 8,000 copies s all be for the use of the Senate and 17,000 copies for the use of the House of Representatives. Passed, December 16, 1924. 1614