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1778 TREATY—CAMEROONS MANDATE——FRANCE. FEBRUARY 13, 1923. F·=¤¤¤¤¤·¤s,¤m. muy em the United States and Fmme relating to right; in {be ‘ · TOamel)·oebg1s. Signed at Paris, February 18, 1928;_ ramfcatton l advised by the Senate, March 3, 1934; m¢·z_1'icd by P¢‘98’•de*nt, March 14, 1924; mtiiied by Frame, 24, 1924; rat•1]‘icat*ums exchanged at Paris, June 3, 1924; proclaimed, July 3, 1924. BY mm Pnnsmnm or THE UNrm1> Sryms or Aumucn. A PROCLAMATION. Twv ****2 *"¤·¤S=° WHEREAS a Treat between the United States of America. and rcil’$eu}gm¤i§`ms"€lii?'e.`° France, in regard to the rights of the two Govemments and their P‘°°“"’1°‘ respective nationals in that part of the former German Colony of the Cameroons over which a mandate was conferred upon_France, was concluded and signed bfy their respective Plemgoteutiaries at Paris on the thirteenth day 0 Februaxg, one thousan nme hundred and twenty-tl:n·ee, the original of wlnc Treatiy, being m the French and languag , is word for word as fo ows: CoNv1·:N·r1oN nn·rwnm: True CONVENTION nurnn La Fnmcn Uurmn S*rA·rns or Anmmca nr ms Erme-Ums n’Ami·.- AND Fmmcn Rnmrmc T0 mm mqun CONCEBNANT LA PABTIE PART or Tim OAMTEBOONB UN- DU CAMEBOUN PLAc1i:m sovs nm: Fizmvcu Mwnam MANDAT muucns THE PRESIDENT OF THE LE PRESIDENT DE LA RE- UNITED STATES OF AMER- PUBLQUE FRANIQEAISE ET ICA AND THE PRESIDENT LE PR IDENT D ETATS— OF THE FRENCH REPUBLIC, UNIS D'AMERIQUE, Gm’*‘¤°‘*“°°° by Whereas by Article 119 of the Considérant que, par l’Article ` Treaty of Peace signed at Ver- 119 du Traité de paix signs a sailles the 28th of June, 1919, Versailles le 28 juin 1919, Alle- Germany renounced in favor of magne a renoncé en faveur des the Principal Allied and Asso- principales Puissances Alliées et ciated Powers all her rights and Associées a tous ses droits et titles over her oversea posses- titres sur ses possessions d’outresions; and mer; j$¤°”°’“Y '°*' mm Whereas by Article 22 of the Considérant que, par l’Article ` same instrument it was provided 22 dudit Traité, il a été stipulé that certain territories which, as a que certains territoires qui, a result of the war, had ceased to la suite de la guerre, ont cessé be under the sovereignty of the d’étre sous la souveraineté des States which formerly governed Etats qui les gouvemaient précé— them, should be placed under the demment, seraient placés sous le mandate of another Power, and mandat d’une autre Puissance et that the terms of the mandate que les conditions du mandat should be explicitl defined in seraient expressément définies each case by the Cbuncil of the dans chaque cas par le Conseil League of Nations; and de la Société de Nations; ,,yB°¥‘§§,§€y §‘§§‘§"€,f?§ Whereas the benefits accruing Considérant que le bénéiice mmf- under the aforesaid Article 119 dudit Article 119 du Traité de of the Treaty of Versailles were Versailles a été reconnu aux confirmed to the United States Etats-Unis par le Traité conclu V°‘·*2· P- im by the Treaty between the United entre les Etats—Unis et l’Alle—