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CONVENTION-—DENMARK. MAY 2e, 1924. 1809 Convention between the United States and Denmark for the prevention .’“&Q*;».& of smuggling o intoxicating liquors. Signed at Washington, May 29, 1924; rati tion advised by the Senate, June 3, 1.924; ratgjied by Denmark, July 8, 1924,* ratzied by the President, July 11, 1 24; ratgfications exchanged at Was ington, J vly 25, 1.924; proclaimed, Ju y 25,1.924. BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. A PROCLAMATION. VVHEREAS a Convention between the United States of America. Dgg§Xr°§“*,§,' Drew}; and Denmark to aid in the prevention of the smuggling of intoxicating smuggling grmmxspazliquors into the United States was concluded and signed by their giEaL°l°°” °t° U”"°° resgzctive Plenipotentiaries at Washington on the twenty-ninth day P‘°°“‘l"°· of ay one thousand nine hundred and twenty-four, the original of which Convention, being in the English and Danish languages, is word for word as follows: - The President of the United Da de amerikanske Forenede C°““°°“”g P°‘”°”* States of America and His Majesty Staters Praesident o Hans Majethe King of Denmark and Ice- staet Konlgen of Danmark og land beingl desirous of avoiding Island Ens er at undgaa enhver any diiiicu ties which might arise Vanske 'ghed som maatte kunne between the United States and gpstaa mellem de amerikanske Denmark in connection with the orenede Stater og Danmark, laws in force in the United States som Fgtlge af dei do amerikanske on the subject of alcoholic bever- Forenede Stater gaeldene Love xzlges have decided to conclude a angaaende spirituose Drikke, har onvention for that lpurpose, and de med dette Formaal for Qje have appointed as their Plenipo- besluttet at indgaa en Traktat tentiariesz og har udnaevnt til deres Befuldmaegtigede: _ The President of the United Praesidenten for de amerikan- P*°¤*P°°°¤“¤'*°¤ States of America, Mr. Charles ske F orenede Stater: Hr. Charles Evans Hughes, Secretary of State Evans Hughes, de amerikanske of the United States; and Forenede taters Statssekretaer, His Majest the Kingliaf Den- og Hans Majestaet Kongen af mark and Iceland, Mr. ai Hel- Danmark og Island: Hr. Kai mer-Petersen, His Majesty’s Helmer-Petersen, Hans Majes- Chargé d’Affaires at Washington, taets Chargé d’Affaires i Washin ton, i Who, having communicated livilke efter at have meddelt their full owers found in ood deres respektive F uldmagter, der and due fibrm, have agreed as befandtesibeh¢rig Form, er komfollows: met overens em f¢ gende Artikler: ARTICLE I. ARTIKEL I. The Hi h Contracting Parties Begge de h¢je kontraherende cmiiierriiiixilgi. Jmisdw res ectively retain their rights Parter fastholder—-—uden at give and) claims, without prejudice by naervaerende Traktat nogen pracreason of this agreement, wit judicerende Virkning——deres Retrespect to the extent of their terri- ggheder og Krav med Hensyn til tonal jurisdiction. dstraeknmgen af deres territoriale Juris iktion.