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§l = 91 g TITLE *82.·gj—~NA.Tl Islands may be called into the- service at tm}- Unimd Btstes, and all members Ethereof. may-I bel drafted · into said `wrvicc `andiarganiscd ”i¤`_sucla maunerllsg,-is of may be prcvidcd byV `lawl for mlling (Pl'- (11'&£tiI1§Ju}6“i(N&€i0BEI Guard info sal;} I S€1"Vi—C€,i énd Shall in an 1 mpecw while t1;emiu·Qbe hppa the same footing with me: bers of thé ·Nati0uui' Guard sb called. 0: dmftéd: Rr¢.w·£d~edQ .Th§t the pay- and allgiwaucas of omcars and `maa at th Philipfaiue-·; Mllltia and other lomlly ‘ created armed forces in the Philippine lalands chlled into the serviéet of the United Statés under the pmyisions ot this sectigm. vvhei: serving in the ¥’hilippi;1e Hlands shall lu? uq case cx¢ee<i t11e`p&y and allcwa ces for ·cori·esp0¤ding grades of Philippine Scutstg (Jan. 26,- 918,.ci 11, 40 Stat;) — _¥ r_ ~ " Chapter B.?-—CO RTS-MARTIAL. · -. ·_ 9}. System of cou twmartlal for National Guard. 92. (General c0u'rt:mariial. i V , s · . 93. S;sc~c¥a1¥éc11rt1j{m¤rtial.` ’ l 94. Summary ‘c0§itts. - . ‘ · — _ _ 95.. Ssentance to gmyrisonment in lieu of Hm;. .‘ . _ _

  • 96; Approval o§ sentence of dismissal from service- _ —

97. issuance warra·¤ts of arrest; execution of sentences; . . ‘° · U Section Sli System of §:curts·martial for Naticnal·Guafd.—¤-E §<Ecpt `·in eargzmizatiéns in fthe se;·vi<ée= df thé. Unitéd _.Sf&tes,_. c urt—x;;ziu·tilal in the YN§ti01ia1 Guardi Shall be of lthféél kinds, mum=el_v, gsemral cui11*t£rmart_lal, special courts-martial, and salmmary cuu_rts-martial., .'I?h<-xy élgall be constituted likg, and¥h§ve l ccsgnizance ‘<»f-the same subjectsi, and'·p0sséss`like.:p0werS, gxécpt · as to puuisliments, `as similar c0urts·providcd_`£0r by. thelawst and feguhitjoras governing the Army of the United States,”a¤d` the pméeedings of c;0m·ts—martiai of the National Guard shall `follgw the férms and mode.: of procedure prescribed {pr said simllar_c0u.rts. (June 3,- 1916, é._ 134, §. 102, 39 Stat. 2%.) - 92. General courts-martial.~Geuéral courts-martial of the National Guard not in the `gefvicébt the United States may be convened by orders of the President, or of the governors of the respective States and 'llerrltorias, or by the commanding. gen? l eral of the National Guards! the District of Columbia, and . smh caurtsphall have thé power to impose flxzcb notéxccedinz _$2G0·; t<>_ sentence td mrfeiturgt of pay and allowances; to at · lmprizuand.; to dismissal §>1·°.dishon0rable dischargg from the service; to reduction of mmccmmissioned o$cez·s tb U18·1`811k8}; uxgany two·01·'m0m cg! such punishmantamay be c0mblued ih mg sentences by 'such courts. W Muna 3, 11916, c. 134,, § 1€}3,‘39_Sta.t. 208.) · __ . ¢ ·» . · · A i 7 93. Special ¢¤m·ts·msrtisl.e———Iu the National Guard; not in

the servicelctf the United States, the·§c0mma¤dlng_omcer 9t·a¤.ch,

garrison, fort, `pos»t,` camp; or other}, place, brigade, regiment, _ demlchéd battalion, br other detached command, may appoint spglziai ccm·ts·martial for his mmmmxd ; butt-such sp·ecla1*c0ui·ta-» ` martial may ip any msc bé appointed by superior mgtherity when By the latter dmzmed dmlrable. Special cemrtzs-·ma1.·tia,l shall have power to t;i·y-may www subject to `mllltgry .law,‘ gxmpt at ccmmimsioxacd tomcat, for any crime 011 otfeusé ulade ’]}HI1i1;}¥i&b1Q by. tha military lawé of the United Sum, and auch xpccial camts—mattial shall have the same powers · of punish-

 mént aZs}d<>`genara.l com·ta$-martihl, excepf that Sues   by

1 ,:;;:011 courts shall not exceed $160. '(Jun¤‘3, 1916, lc. 134, § 104,1 39smt.208.>» ~—— j . . V $94. Summuyt murts.————·Ir1 tl: N3t.i0!}$,lKGll&1Pd, not in tlié serviqe of the Uuiitéd Swim, ‘[hBt·Q6i11II18BdlBg` cmcei of sack? garrisiinz fort, post, or other place, 1‘&gi,l!}€I1t,·01‘ _¢0¥1$$» datgchw 2 bxttalima, company, or othm detaébment of the N&C1QI1§.l»G!;l&1'd may tgppoint for such pinceor command a sixmmary court to ejnxmist of one ¢>i1i•.:cx·, who shall have power to admiizister oaths and to- try the, a:n1i.ste~d» llléll ci! suéhiplam or command for bmzmixes not Eiiscipllma and viqlmzioms ct laws goiremipg such m·g::mi:£:1tions; and saldcburt, when satisBw.»0t the guilt of

0N4L~0Uuw z - .1040

sum sgldier, v may_;*imp0ae‘ Hum not exceeding $25 for dnyygingge emeinsc; may ugangommiwuw to reductién tc. the muh; may sentence .m tcrtaitvre ct vi.? wd s1I<>vé@¤im_j The pr6ceedi¤@ of such cqurt be\intm.·mg1, and the mini urea thzeteqt shgu be the game as*i5ms<11$m fm: summary éourm .· of t11c_Army—b1; the United Stgtes. (J1ma 3, 1916, c. 134, § may 39$¢#€·208·} v F . · J ·v v 95; Scnténcé tcximwiswmznt in liéuvf Eve.--All COHQWS-`¤_ martial bf the tional Gi1qrd,`u0t_ia the service` af the Umm; · States; iucludinlgssuinmarv courts, shall have power to sentence E to c0ntinémez1t·in° limi, of Hams Quthétizeci to be imposed : · Pmvidéd, That ’_Si1ch sentenées vbf cnuénement shall not exceed <m4· day for each dollar of tim: éuthozjizéd. (Jmxé 3, 1916,; ez; 134, '§ @6,39 Stat. " k V · h, * V. - 96. Apprbval jof segtence nsf - diamiqsh} Twas §¢lfYi@.—-ji; seiiiencé of»di§»iHiS:$&1."ffoIB the sqfvimv fir dishcacmbie disphatge; by a Ngifimml Guard c¤m·t·mm·tia§, not in aha sérviqe of the United States, shall be executed xgrstii approsw by the governor pt the ._Si:até 0;: Territ¤·ky‘ca¤e·erxmd, ér by the commanding general of the National Guard; at the ,D`isirict uf Columbia. _& ‘(y]\1B8_3, 1916, c. 134, 5 107, 39;?`Sia¢. 209.)' ·, ·` _»97. Issuance of warrants of sfrest; executing: of pe¤£q¤ces.————- v In the National Gudrd, not in the service of me U;zite¢1jStatés, p;·e.sidehts_ of c0urts·m&rtia1 auefsumméry cymrt 0 V sim} » have power to issue gwarxgnts to- arrest ·`a,<;~cz1sed per ns am} _ tg bring them bétorél the `court fbgr t!'i&[_Wb€I’I€Y€l’ sm paz·s;m.>;· . shall have disobeyed an-`order in writing from the Yqnvcning authority to appear beféve Spmh court, a` cbpy bi the ckvarxe or charges ‘ having béc;1 delivered ‘m` the accizwdfvvith s¤<:h_ order, jand `to issue subpénas abi} subpcémis dxicesitecunm and to enforce by gzzfachment atténdzmce df xv.i£;xe·s s and thy production of b v Rs and pagiers, and to éézgtvxxcge or a vafusal to svg·Ani.; OIT to apsiver as provided in actioxxfv befovg civil »¢¤¤vfs·;.¥;.* v v — v y · v — ·» _'.?{ll procéssesand sentences of sgid cum·ta_sb@il_ be exeeuged .by»‘such_ »civfl•0Hicers as may be pmscribml by fha laws of the ‘§¢eral Sthtcls and Territories,. and -11; any State where no , 'ovisfim sha!} have; ‘·beer1 made fdr suéh action, and in- the gferrifcviés And the D;St:YiCvt of€Q0lumb , s¤§¥?b processes and penwnces shall- be executed by a~ Im?26 $4:stm marshal or his duly appointed; deputy, and it sh II bé the dutvct any * United States- marshal `tci ·executc‘al1v"“su;rh prnc<—sses mid smtencés and make retdrn thereof to the `cmcer issuing dr inigmsl ing the 'same. `(June 3,i1&16, c. -134, 5 108, 39 Stat. _' " Chapter 7.·—$-GOMMISSIONEL) QFFIQERS. _ " .S€"€· ” " ..· I }11. Quallhcateonu for nicer-;. 112. _Feder•_l with toriwmcers. { 11_3j Exnmimtionq £or·¢ms. _ _ U4. Authority to vacate commissions andvgraunqe therefcra _ ~ .115. Killing vabaxiciea fp érganisat-iuns`ir1 {+`*ede:*gJ- service. . ·_ v Section 111. Qualiécstimis fm: c&cem.—-—-Pevs<>:ns* commis-, stoned as officers -·0t the National Gzmrd after Juni? 4, *1920, shall not bar mcognizedvas such under axgy at the provigiems of this titldunless they éha.l1“l1ave beei17se 1ected from the folicwing ciaams, and khall have taken a1;d"sul;»sc¤ibed_to me oath ci 0&ca prescribed in scétim 112. at Qthia title; <1fHcv·rs or _ enliqtad mem of. the Natiéxial Gqavd; omcers, act§ve or retjred. reserve cmcers, and {mma: ‘émcez·s! 0t_ the Aviny, Navy, or _M8KiHG"CGFP$e, enlisted m&h mx} fmmér eniisted men of th€_ Army, Navy, or Marine Corps who hqve xjecgivad an honorable discharge themfr0qn;‘ graduates of the United Statés Milit.z1;·y» and-`N$.va_E Agadcmies; and\graduates`0f schools, colleges; maxivcinsities, and 0®cers‘ ti’3.iI1i§lg.C8;ll2[}S, wlnervttiev have received v militavy instruction. uigder the subervision of gn a®<:ex· of the Regular -AYIIlY[W'hO “cex·tit'ied vheir {Himsa for appointment as" ccmmivslmmd oéicexs; and for the techpical branches ov SMH Cdrps and demrtmeuts, auch other civilians as may be spéciglly `