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_ 216. S•ree;·fril¤re in arrival er No any

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ln any vessel or •ice,¤¤£ee¤¤;.ee¤¤£1’!_ wtthow eeiqg to we edleetor. or_, in_,e¤ee».e£ the_n@ct oa {more Qotethe . master ot the vessel or the person in o1 me veh1® to] Ee fn in@eSt:i fere~;weh the rk! or yehiele shall he éubject- to iorfdture ned the gmea one- ot·such`yqSsel_°_or_ the ,pen’e#»1»n oeerge otmch she,] bgQ”I1§5l0,l@0 zi eme1ty`eom1_·to»g;he nlee*o1‘¤t.he @1:.4::11ise imported in such, Ywnel et Vehiele-whleh was not reportedite meoorneoror or imiludw to the mentteety (Sept. H. 1¤¤2·‘2.~ ¤ 356,31*1tle IYJ460,42 Stst;J956.)`¥ V . _ , ;» _ $77. so of . reerehendise bnsttxee-—A1T mmrgaooxse one new 1rnported_`or[ nmogmjm. mm no; ‘ contiguous eonotry, except as ·otherwiae· provided by law or b1 regulations or the Secretary ot the Treamrr. be bnladen iirthe preemee of the he inspected bye custornp oBcer •t th: nrst port orentry et which the some nh•l1·—¤rrlve;_¢¤d uno! 4@cer may require the owpef, Qor _ hie egent, or other peréon having charge or eion of,auy trnnh, treyeling hug, sack {reuse, or otlmr oontiiner, or of any 'oloeed ‘ vehicle, to oben the name for haspectionpor to tarnish u 1 key or other rnmne rm opening the anne. ._ (Sept. 21, 1922, ni 3{5B,‘ Tttle IV,·l·f461, 41 g ,278. Same;. forfeiure in refnpsl tefpuplt l¤spe¢tion;···—#I1 such owner, emot, or other persoh shell fail w comply witl his demand, lomeer shall retain ruth tmnk, traveliim bag sack, inlisegor- other 1¢0¤¥&i£' or closed vaicle, nm; one: 't11e.eem®._,Q¤¢ no soon so may be mméticeble 5 · examine ttm t¤, end it submt to duty or hn; article the lmiortation or whim in hi round therein the whge eonwnta and the container or vehicle shall be edbyee to forfeiture.? ,(S¢D$· 21. 1922. ¢. 866, Title IV,-`| 4&, 42 8tat 279. Sane: reads er vehicle!.-Po avoid unnecee sary ction oi merdamlise imported from a. oooh et the ot arrival, the vessel or thmmn in charge of the vehicle in which meh merohae ldisc ufmorted mwybfpply to the mmm or eeuuléromcen of the United States ha the plaeetron1`_srh1ch enc! nmerehnhdise Ls nach _@cer they euehyvmae »or @1% Any vemel or vehicle io nslee promo `witt such to the port" ot éeetinntloa lnnder meh ~ rwule tions in the Secretery of the may pracrlbe. (Sept 21, 19% e. Title IY, I 957.) ’ 4 _ wv. Sane; to preeeed to port et deatwtlq ’de.-¤- It the me¢er ot such vmel or the pweon in eharge of gray suc! vehicle tnilmto proceed .Wlu\‘!Q{l0§§bl8 promptness to tha port ot dutlnation to deliver meh wheel or vehide to tha proper o$em_o£ the enum or tellsotooproeeed in record ieee. with meh xgnletiom ot the of me Treeeury or nnladee em or any port mreor at other thu ouch of dutinntieh, or dikpoaes of any meh merchhhdlsc by tale or otherwise; eh ehnll be guilty ot n xenon; and npc; eonvletieh thereot shall, be heed more than $1,990 or im primed!ornotmorethnn¤veye•n,orhoth; und Any sue! yeeeet or v&1ele, its eoatmtn, rhnl1,b•_rnhject totor feitnre. (8m._·¤, 1%, c.&6, Title IY, ·§ 464, qmt QH.) ~ 281. Sane; supplies, etc.: lling of wth pal shy {er. fame.-The guy ruse! ot. U¤1—ted Stem `d · to angngveqin the eoeem ,»,, {radeon. ¤ ‘  » =s<·*~ ¥¥’¤¤¤·¤¤ shell, nm arrival from {mw urritery, Sa


or other merehand1•e in ana tea ti¤aern1e.o¤gmhve¤el,n¤<lnl•o·e·`mtmmc¢h•mtoa ell to one ·•¤ eqtivmmt ¢Ik€¤"¤ been and

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HBTOIIB DUTLB8 § 286 lf `Tlw, ;¢03¢N¢t91's.¢1'. D¢1‘6{l¤'i!l énrse of any.rai1way`=n4u· urriv-P ` Bl im; irém a contizwmd comxtry ¤ho.H‘mefwith .tbe·mmiirm or I; hunk QR A déiailed list cfiall supplies br other:- merchandise rw .p;urchs,séd in inch foreign _ cmmfry for use in the#U1iitcd ‘ f ·St¤$¤8l any sukcli supplies, repairs, or? gqmp. L fment, shall 'npt lthél. maétcr, conductor, ng other - -p¢-arson having charge at such xmsel or vjehide pq liable 1- fp h Bm; of not lem than '$}00._&l1df mt' moré thah lorltd B for not more than vtwo yam, or both.- '(Sept. ¤ .21,,1922, 4:. 356g_fL‘itle_IV,\§ 465, Q Stat, 957.) . - ` r. .[ 282,-Qath of n¢$u·.—eI¤ the wth to be {ak;-an ibyi such ·md8t&r otéuch vessel, onmahing such report, he shhll Geclam l thy? si1ch.artic1es_purchased for rise of l the weasel, deszlgxmtenl V *" éca storm " are ttul! intended I0: excluglvcly ot the ( vessel, and are not intendeeftor l sa1c,_ transfer, 01* private use. a" It Rl1Y_.0thQ1' '01'AK1'B8t¥!_§§IHtiE] of ylptighle articms shqll bea- toundloxi sgch vcsgelfthqh gre i¤‘suc§ report 1 or ‘ sinch articles, or ani part thereof shall be landed l, without apexmxc ,mm. ¤~¢o11e¤:¤¤· mg mer émcéri ar me lm; l

` toms, sgch with the iwl, her award, tackle,

F und £1u·nllure,,sh;u be toriglmd. IB- 3 S 3111.) ` P 283; Duty ‘¤¤ saloon siqresw-Articiw for the use Z ut orior 0p_b0ard—`¢¤y aq saloon stores or .s¤p;B.iga,‘ shall deemed `mérclmndlse,'. uid shall ·`be liable, f_ wlnq purcha,seq—_;1t~n iordgn part, toeétry the mymeut 1 _ ot thu duties found to E due thereon, at the msi, perf é>t ‘. · nulval ot such Ycssel in the United Btgtes: and for a liailmg I cn Wlhe part of the @100h keeper or pwscm purchhéug of own- ».· i¤g'·¤¤ch_ •.rtic1as·t¤°rep0rt, makeyéntxita, and pay duties, as 7* hefeihbwote mrticlcs, with the =. and other merchandise, found In ° éuch saloon or on or ¤§t ¤_ suchfyesml, bdongm to a¤d_0wmd_by mich saloon or . 'qther p¤ra¤¤·inmr& in smll be seked nnd_ _ forfeited, and m& keap¤1·¤r.¤ther param supuréhaslng —l am owning shall be liable tc. n peml¤·,0t not has than-‘-$109 ¤_ _ and » mt mus tbnh $506, {ud shall be psinlsbable by imprtsgnll mmtjcr nctjéls tbnh mmths, and more than twp· I Aw . (R¤8Q|8113.) ; _ v_ U — P _. §L Hguiiqts uf? v•q•&_ tg c0sst§g truk.·—··Tl1e mastei of 1 um $$1 enrolled cr td in tlldtqmlgn and I coating tndq on the ncxrthmu, and northwestern ‘ 1 the United States, except canal mgm employed ln ·· navigating the unals within the United States, slSall,` before é- the depax*t¤ra ot his veqseil from • port in one collection dis· i trick to n port m dnpther colkctioh district, pmesezxt to the - ccllactop at the port of epa l ra d;1pllcate_man§tests of his 1 cufgo; ur; if he have dupllqnte maulfgts setting a forth that (act;. such manifests shall bd subscribed aud‘sw6rn 2 to by the mutex before thqcéllector, who shall indorse themnf · his cerdhépte of ‘clc•ra¤ce¤, retaining one for the mes pt his ‘, 0¤ce; the othef he shall ddlver for the use pt the master. 1(R.S.l3118.)( °_ ·· _ l e` htry for l00& taken or ldelivued at intermmiate 1 p¤rt•,~·--11 my vmel so enrolled or licensed shall touch atl? any — l¤£crmcd1d6s port in .the\ United Qtifss, ind there discharge 1 lcmjgo taken on bqard at an Amerlcmrpcrt, or at such inter- — pdinha ports shall tnké on cargb déstined for an ALmeri— cm`pprt,_the GI meh vesqel shall not bexequired to ·¤P @t meh India or ¤¤lq&¤g hq such intermediate ports; butl I shall cntsartthe mm cdhislmanifcst obtained at the original 55 port of `éepnrtnre, Which ht SMH dgliver \t0 the collector of g lthe prt at wmeh minding ot tb; carga is completed, se withihl ll ft” fiter.? nijilvnl, and shalt s¤lm;rlbe n md mmm with as w the { truth and correctnmé ot the same. r (B.8.§8117.) _ j _ ) ·, . ~_ .4 t » _ 28I. ,u¤p&;mg¢. fdr what nc °e¤R\6mh¤¤ sé.·—-——'1‘lw

 wm of hs} wand no enrolled or llcenm shall, before dc-