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SIXTY-NINTH CONGRESS. Sass. II. Cus. 286-289.. 1927. 1799 so forth, their widows and d¥endent relatives John Cronin, formerly seaman, United States avy, shall hereafter be held and considered to have been discharged honorably from the United States Navy, March 18, 1899: Provided, That no back pension, §Q,°'{,‘{‘&w,,,,,,,_ m allowance, or other emolument shall accrue prior to the passage of this Act. Approved, March 2, 1927. CHAP. 287.-An Act. For the relief of William W. Green, wan·ant· oiiicer, United States Army. 1 ' [Private, Nc. 420.1 Be tt enacted by the Senate and House og Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assem Zed, That the Secretary Axéglem W- °¤>¢¤· of War is authorized and directed to pay to Warrant Oilicer William mei pay and ausw- W. Green, out of any appropriation now or hereafter available for ““°“’ “’· “““‘°“‘°"‘ " pay, and so forth, of the Army," the sum of $7,897.80, to reimburse him for pay, for additional pay to oilicers for length of service, for renta allowance, and for subsistence allowance, withheld on account of absence from his post of duty from January 1,_ 1923, to September 15, 1925, such absence having been caused by his arrest, conviction, and confinement. in the State of North Carolina _for an oifense against such State, for which he_has been unconditionally pardoned by the Governor of North Carolina. Approved, March 2, 1927. CHAPQ 288.-—An Act For the return of $5,000 to the New Amsterdani Casu- MNM sity (jQmpa_ny_ »· i · _ · [Private, No. 421. Be it enacted by the Senate and Home of Representatives of the United States. of America in Congress assembled, Thatgthe Secretary Cgggtyggggggfm of the Treasury. be, and he is hereby,;author1zed and directed topay boagmna w, ot ban to the New Amsterdam Casualty Complany, out of any _money#in the " ‘ Treasury notfotherwise appropriated, t e sum of $5,000 111 ad]ustment . of an equal amount heretofore received from said. company —.i¤ v forfeiture of a' bond Eguaranteeing the ggpearance in tha. United States District Court, astern District of ew York, ofrona Antonio Cassesse, who, afterthe forfeiture of said bond, was apprehended, tried, and convicted. · - ‘ i . = - ,. Approved, March 2, 1927. i ’ .· CHAP. 289.-An Act To amend the naval record of Frank H. alias Mmmm Henry Wencel. V [rams, No. 422.] Be it enacted Zig the Senate and H owe 7% Representatives of the United States of ’ merica in Congress case Zed, That in the admin- auF¤§k HW Wcigvn. istration of the pension laws and laws conferring rights and Ssmmmli dor- grivilegles. upon persons honorably discharged from the Umted Y°°”°‘ tates avy, Frank H. Wilson, alias Hemg Wencel, seaman, United States Navy shall be held and considere to havebeeu honorably discharged from the United States Navy on_August 14,. 1885, but N°b“‘*p°"°’°‘ no pension, pay, nor bounty shall be held to have accrued priorto the passage of this Act. . _ Approved,. March. 2, 1927.