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CONCURRENT RESOLUTIONS OF CONGRESS. FIRST SESSION, SIXTY-NINTH CONGRESS. Hommlr RECESS. [H. Con. Res., No.3.] Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring), That when the two Houses adjourn Tuesday, December 22, 1925, B¤“d¤Y¤*=¤==· they stand adjourned until 12 o’c1ock meridian, Monday, January 4, 1926. Passed, December 11, 1925. BMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION. Resobved by the Senate ( the House of Representatives concurring) _ That in the enrollment of S. J. Res. 20, the Secretary of the Senatsi uogiiumommmmjxotg is authorized and directed to strike out the words " New York " in mm; 0; {ny, Risen] line 6 and to insert therefor the words " New Jersey ". ’°‘{&}’¢'f fjf·,_ Passed, January 5, 1926. February 26,1926. REVENUE Aer or 1926. __t[11.cee. N—`e.iz.1 Resobved bg the House ?’ Representatives (the Senate concurring) _ That there e printed orty·one thousand additional copies oi the Revenue Act of 1926, of which thirteen thousand copies shall ordered printed. ’ be for the use of the Senate document room, twenty-ive thousand "‘""*"·°· copies for the use of the House document room, one thousand copies D_ mm for the use of the Committee on Finance of the Senate, and two 'S °°“ thousand copies for the use of the Committee on Ways and Means of the House of Representatives. Passed, February 26, 1926. Mvscnm s¤o.u.s comurrrnn. -—~·;—[H_“('§§”R&_jI‘f,”‘f; M Resobved by the House of Representatives (the Senate eonewnring) , That a joint committee, to be known as the Joint Committee Joint Committee on on Muscle Shoals, is hereby eeeeb11euee1 to be composed of three im? 8******* *5**** members to be appointed by the President of the Senate from the Composition. Committee on Agriculture and Forestry and three members to be appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives from e Committee on Military Affairs. _ The committee is authorized and directed to conduct negotiations I,f§’°°"°§,,'¥{§,’§§°,,§“‘},‘§ for a lease or leases (but no lease or leases shall be recommended §u¤g¤ugW§%¤;¤ °° N which do not guarantee and safeguard the production of nitrates ` and other fertilizer ingredients mixed or unmixed primarilty as hereinafter provided) of the nitrate and power properties o the United States at Muscle Shoals, Alabama, including the quarry 1977