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1978 CONCURRENT RESOLUTIONS OF CONGRESS. properties at Waco, Alabama, for the production of nitrates pri- marily and incidentally for ower purposes, such power to be equitably distributed between 5ie communities and States to which it may be properly transported, in order to serve national defense, agriculture, and industrial puriposes, and upon terms which so far as possible shall provide bene ts to the Governmentand to agri- culture equal to or greater than those set forth in H. R. 518, Sixty- eighth Congress, first session except that the lease 'or leases shall be for a period not to exceed fifty years. - · B°"°"° °m“‘““‘·“‘ Said committee shall have leave to report its findings and recom- mendations, together with a bill or joint resolution for the pur- pose of carrying them into eifeet, which bill or joint resolution p,.,,;,,,._ shall, in the House, have the status that is provided for measures ,,_,'§`,‘}"° ‘°’ mm! “* glniifperated in clgpse 56 of Rule XI Progkteg, géhafgiélge czxqzmttee · a re ort to ngress not ater t an r , : pro- wgiglm-au mwah vided fgrther, That the committee in makling its report shall file for the information of the Senate and House of Representatives, a _ true copy of all proposals submitted to it in the conduct of such negotiations. Passed, March 13, 1926.


Resohed bzethe House of Regzesentatives (the Senate concurring),

,,E§;‘,§‘°Wh§§h,$*“°'“ That there rinted and und the proceedings in Cong-pess,

rmmunss on as together with tile proceedings at the unveiling in Statuary all, g';-}’,,°§’d°? °" °”°°'°° upon the acceptance of the statue of General Joseph Wheeler, mmzbuusa presented by the State of Alabama, five thousand copies, of which one thousand shall be for the use of the Senate and two thousand five hundred for the use_of the House of Representatives, and the remaining one thousand five hundred copies shall be for the use and distribution of the Senators and Representatives in Congress from the State of Alabama. _ m¤¤¤•¤¤¤¤· The Joint Committee on Printing is hereby authorized to have the copy prepared for the Public Printer, who shall provide suitable illustrations to be bound with these proceedings. Passed, March 18, 1926.


, Resolved b the House of Representatives (the Senate comurming), £°°“” ‘°"°"°" That, in accdidance with paragralph 3 of section 2 of the Printing ·“°“*g•*,,,,_°°_}';**,,;,°‘{{ Act approved March 1, 1907, t e Committee on Interstate an vrmgg ' Foreign Commerce of the House. of Representatives be, and is V°’· “·°·‘°”~ hereby, em powered to procure the printing of one thousand live hundred additional copies of the hearings held before the_ Presi- dent’s Aircraft Board on matters relating to aircraft, includmg the report of the President’s Aircraft Board. Passed, April 12, 1926.

 vmcrma mm. or Ercrrrs.

swksmmmu of Whereas the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the adoption §§’{’§,“ °{,_V"**°*° of the Declaration of Rights, written by) George Mason, and Pwwkiigl commonly called the Virginia Bill of Rig ts, is to be celebrated