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SEVENTIETH C ON GR ES S . SEss . II. CH. 536 . 1929 . cate is authorized by the court, a nd for the final hearing on the peti tion, $10 . " (b) Notwithstanding the provisions of section 9 of the Act entitled "An Act to fix the salaries of the clerks of the United States district courts and to provide for their office expenses, and for other pur- poses," approved February 26, 1919 , as amended, all fees received by the clerks of court to which such sectio n applies for services rend ered in natu rali zati on p roce edin gs s hall be paid ove r to the Bureau of Naturalization within thirty days from the close of each quarter in each fiscal year and the mon eys so r eceived shall be dis- posed of in the same manner as provided in section 13 of such Act of June 29, 1906, as amended . SEC. 8 . The first sentence of section 28 of such Act of June 29, 1906, as amended, is amended to read as follows "The Commissioner of Naturalization, with the approval of the Secretary of Labor, shall make such rules and regulations and such changes in the forms prescribed by section 27 of this Act as may be necessary to carry into effect the provisions of the naturalization laws ." SEC . 9 . Such Act of June 29, 1906, as amended, is amended by adding at the end thereof the following " SEC . 32 . (a) If any certificate of citizenship issued to any citizen, or any declaration of intention furnished to any declarant, under the naturalization laws, is lost, mutilated, or destroyed, the citizen or declarant may, upon the payment to the commissioner of a fee of $10, make application (accompanied by two photographs of the applicant) to the Commissioner of Naturalization for a new certificate or declaration. If the commissioner finds that the certificate or declaration is lost, mutilated, or destroyed, he shall issue to the applicant a new certificate or declaration with one of such photo- graphs of the applicant affixed thereto . " (b) Upon payment to the Commissioner of Naturalization of a fee of $10, the commissioner shall issue, for any naturalized citizen, a special certificate of citizenship, with a photograph (furnished by such citizen) affixed thereto, for use by such citizen only for the purpose of obtaining recognition as a citizen of the United States by the country of former allegiance of such citizen . Such certificate, whe n issued , shall be furni shed to the Secr etary of State f or trans - mission by him to the proper authority in such country of former al legi ance . " SEc. 33 . (a) Any individual over twenty-one years of age who claims to have derived United States citizenship through the natural- ization of a p arent, or a husband, may, upon the payme nt of a fee of $10, make application to the Commissioner of Naturalization, accompanied by two photographs of the applicant, for a certificate of citizenship . Upon obtaining a certificate from the Secretary of Labor showing the date, place, and manner of arrival in the United States, upon proof to the satisfaction of the commissioner that the applicant is a citizen and that the alleged citizenship was derived as claimed, and upon taking and subscribing to, before a designated representative of the Bureau of Naturalization within the United States, the oath of allegiance required by the naturalization laws of a petitioner for citizenship, such individual shall be furnished a certificate of citizenship by the commissioner, but only if such indi- vidual is at the time within the United States . In all courts, tri- bu nals, an d public offices of the United S tates, a t home a nd abroa d, of the District of Columbia, and of each State, Territory, or insular possession of the United States, the certificate of citizenship issued under this section shall have the same effect as a certificate of citizen- ship issued by a court having naturalization jurisdiction . 54835•-29-rT 1-99 1515 Naturalization fees to be paid over to Natu- ralization Bureau by clerks of courts. Vol . 40, p. 1182. Vol.34,p.600. Vol . 34, p. 606, amend- ed. Commi ssioner to make necessary rules, etc . New matter. Vol .34, p . 607, amend- ed. Issue of new certifi- cates, etc ., for those that are lost etc. Special certificates of citizenship for natural- ized citizens for use in co untry of forme r al le- giance . Transmission to au- thori ty in that co untry . Application for cer- tificate through natur- alization of parent, etc . Issue on pr oof of claim. Legal effe ct, e tc .