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PARCEL POST CONVENTION-GERMANY. June 25, 1928. August 4, 1928. 2723 Either Administration may temporarily suspend the registry service in whole or in part, when there are special reasons for doing so, or restrict it to certain offices; but on the condition that pre- vious and opportune notice of such a measure is given to the other Administration, such notice to be ¢.ven by the most rapid means If necessary. Jede der beiden Verwaltungen s1.:neTarmstroBot (talk)ry :::~. soIl befugt sein, aus besonderen . 3. Doneinduplicate and signed at Berlin th6 25th of June 1928, [SEAL.] Deutscher Reichspostminister Dr. SCHATZEL and at Washington the 4th of August, 1928. HARRY S. NEW , Postmaster General. GrUnden, unter der Bedingung vorheriger rechtzeitiger, erforder- lichenfalls telegraphischer Be- nachrichtigung der anderen Ver- waltung, den Einschreibdienst zeitweilig ganz oder teilweise ein- zustellen oder auf bestimmte Post.anstalten zu beschranken. 3. Doppelt ausgefertigt und Signature!!. unterzeichnet in Berlin, den 25. Juni 1928, [SEAL.] Deutscher Reichspostminister Dr. SCHATZEL und in Washington. den 4. Au- gust 1928 HARRY S. NEW , Postmaster General. The foregoing Parcel Post Convention between the United States ~~:t~ of America and Germany has been negotiated and concluded with my advice and consent and is hereby approved and ratified. In testimony whereof, I have caused the seal of the United States to be hereunto affixed. [SEAL.] CALVIN COOLIDGE By the President FRANK B KELLOGG Secretary of State WASHINGTON, August 15, 19f8. by the