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2728 October 22, 1928. ARBITRATION TREATY-ALBANIA . OCTOBER 22, 1928. Arbitration treaty between tht;, United States and Albania. Signed at Washington, October 132, 1928; ratification advised by the Senate, December 18, 1928; ratified by the President, January 4, 1929; ratified by Albania, December 27, 1928; ratifications exchanged at Washington, FebT'lJ,(J,ry 12, 1929; proclaimed, FebruarII 12, 1929. By THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. A PROCLAMATION. ba~f~.itratlon,with AI· WHEREAS an Arbitration Treaty between the United States of Preamble. America and Albania was concluded and signed by their respective Plenipotentiaries at Washington on the twenty-second day of October, one thousand nine hundred 8.1ld twenty-eight... the original of which Treaty, beiug in the English 8.nd Albanian languages, is word for word as follows: Cor.tracting Powers. Purpose declarerl. Plenipotentiaries. The President of the United States ofAmerica and His Majesty the King of the Albanians Determined to prevent so far as in their power lies any interrup- tion in the peaceful relations that have always existed between the two nations; Desirous of reaffirming their adherence to the ,Policy of sub- mitting to jmpart~aI decision all justiciable controversies that may arise between them; and Eager by their example not only to demonstrate their condemna- tion of war as an instrument of national policy in their mutual relations, but also to hasten the time when the perfection of inter- national arrangements for the pacific settlement of international disputes shall have elimiILated forever the possibility of war among any of the Powers of the world; Have decided to conclude a treaty of arbitration and for that purpose they have appointed as their respective Plenipotentiaries The President of the United States of America: Mr. Frank B. Kellogg, Secre- tary of State of the United States of America, and Presidenti i Shteteve te Bash- kuara t'Amerikes dhe Madheshtia e Tij Mbreti i Shqipetareve Duke desheruar, me sa qendron ne fuqi te tyre, te ndaloJne ~do pengim ne maredheniet paqesore qe kane vazhduar kurdohere ne mes te dy kombeve; Duke desheruar te 9faqin :eer- seri se jane pasanike te politikes qe te shtrojne perpara nje gjykimi te paaneshm te gjitha moskupti- met e gjykuarshme te cilat munt te ngjasm ne mes te tyre; edhe Duke patur deshire te madhe qe me shembellin e tyre jo vetem te tregojne se e denojne luften si nje vegle politike kombetare ne maredheniet e njerit me tjaterin, po dhe te shpejtojne t' arrijturit e kohes kur permiresimi i plotte i ndertimeve nerkombetare per zgjidhjen paqesore te zihjeve nerkombetare do te kete shuar per gjithmone te mundurit e Iuftes ne mes te cilado Fuqive qe ne qofshin ne bote' Vendosne te lidhlm ne mes te tyre nje Traktet Arbitrimi dhe per kete qellim emeruan Perfa- qesonjes Fuqi'plotte te tyre Presidenti 1 Shteteve te Bash- kURra t' Amerikes; Zotin Frank B. Kellogg, Sekre- tarin e Sbtetit te 8hteteve te Bashkuara t' Amerikes, dhe