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ARBITRATION TREATY-ALBANIA. OCTOBER 22, 1928. 2729 His Majesty the King of the .Al banians: Mr. Faik Konitza, Envoy Ex- traordinary and Minister Pleni- potentiary of .Albania in the United States of America; Who, having communicated to one another their full powers found in good and due form, havo agreed upon the following articles: ARTICLE I .A ll differences relating to in- ternational matters in which the High Contracting Parties are con- cerned by virtue of a claim of right made by cne against the other under treaty or otherwise, which it has not been possible to adjust by diplomacy, which have not been adjusted as a. result of reference to an appropriate com- mission of conciliation, and which are justiciable in their nature by reason of being susceptible of decision by the application of the principles of law or equity, shall be submitte<! to the Permanent Court of Arbitration established at The Hague by the Convention of October 18, 1907, or to some other competent tribunal, as shall be decided in each case by special agreement, which special agree- ment shall provide for the organi- zation of such tribunal if neces- sary, define its powers, state the question or questions at issue, and settle the terms of reference. The special agreement in each case shall be made on the part of the United States of America by the President of the United States of America by and with the ad- vice and consent of the Senate thereof, and on the part of Al- bania in accordance with its constitutional laws. Madheshtia e Tij Mbreti 1 Shqipetareve: Zotin Faik Konitza, te Der- guarin Ekstraordinar dhe Minis- ter Fuqiplotte te Shqiperise ne Shtetet 0 Dashkuara t' Amerikes, Te ciIet, passi paraqitne njeri tjaterit FUqlt' 0 tyre te plotta, te gjetura ne forme te mire dhe to regullushme, u-bashkuan ne te pe1qyerit e Nyjave qe vazhdojne: NYJEI GJ'l'the mosmareveshJ'et te lid- Intelllation~l differ- ences, not adjusted by hura me punera nerkombetare ne diplomacy, referred by il dPIK k spec",l agreement to te c at to y a et ontra ton- Perman~nt Court of jese te Larta. kane pjesE" ne haze ArbitratlOn,etc. te nje kerkimi te se drejtes te bere nga njera Pale kunder tjatres duke u-mbeshtetur mi nje traktet ose ndryshe, mosmareveshje te cilat nuk u-ndreqne dot me ane te diplomatise, te cilat nuk u-ndreqne dot passi u-shtruan perpara nje komissioni te v~ante per pajtim, dbe te cilat jane te gjykuarshme nga natyra 0 tyre se munt te zgjidhen me t' aplikuarit o parimeve to kanunit oso te se Vol. 36 , p- 2221. drejtes, ket') mosmareveshje co to sbtroben perpara Gjykatores so Kurdohereshme t' Arbitrimit te themeluar ne Hage pas Marevesh- jes se Tetorit 18, 1907, ose do te sbtrohen perpara nonje .tjater gjykatorie kompetente, si pas nje mareveshjeje te v~ante te bere ne 9do rast nga te dy Guvernat, e cila mareveshje e v09ante do t' vendose organizi- min e nje gjykatorie te tille no qofte nevoje, do t' caktoje fugit' e kesaj gjykatorie, do t' shcnoje geshtjen ose geshtjet per te gjy- kuar, dhe do t' vendose menyren e te shtruarit te geshtjes ose te 9eshtjeve. Mareveshja e ve9ante ne 9do Specialagreemenl rast do te behet nga ana 0 Shte- teve te Bashkuara t' Amerikes prej Presidentit te Shteteve te Bashkuara t' Amerikes me ke- shillen dhe pelqimin e Senatit amerikan, dhe nga ana e Shqi- perise si pas kanuneve konstitu- cionale te Shqiperise.