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INDEX. 3457 WelcA, Jamu K. P ., p .... military record corrected_____________ 1861 Welch, Lavina J. (widow), penmon____________________________ 1948 Welch, Marion B. (widow), penmon____________________________ 1817 Welch, .Martha W. (widow), pen810n mcreasOO___________________ 1862 Welch, .M arV (widow), pensIOn mcreaaed_ _ _________________ 1753 Welker! A~na B. (widow), pensIOn mcreasOO___________________ 1740 Well~n, qlara A. (widow), penBlon mcreasOO___________________ 1752 Well.!, ~n~ A. (widow), penSIon mcreased___________________ 1753 Wells, Clark (3on), pension____________________________ 1881 Wells, Edwin A;1. payment of vourt of Claims findings to___________________________ 2347 Wells, ~ar~h B. (widow of Henry T.), pensIOn mcreased ___________________ 2295 Wells, Sarah B. (former widow of Silas B. . N.unally), pensIOn mcreased___________________ 1750 Wells, ra,,!-,en A. pensIOn mcreased___________________ 2053 Wells, W iUiam, pension____________________________ 1824 Wellsburg, W. Va., bridge authorized across Ohio River, at. 503 time extended for bridging Ohio River, at___________________________ 1530 Wel3h, A. E ., payment to, for flood damages, Haskell Institute drainage ditch_______ 2014 We13h, Eliza D. (widow), pension____________________________ 1784 We13h, J ame3 J., paymentto ________________________ 2326 Welsh, Mary Rowe (widow), TarmstroBot (talk);;S~;~h-A:(~~)~---------- 2379 pension mcreased ______ .. ______ ______ 2164 Welt~, C,!,-herine (widow), pensIon mcreased___________________ 2073 Wenatchee National Forest, W G3h., proclamation enlarging area oL_______ 2932 Wenn6!", ~ary A. (widow), pensIon mcreased___________________ 2159 Wentworth, Elizabeth (widow), pension____________________________ 1962 Wentz,.Ha;riet (widow), pensIOn mcreased___________________ 2150 Wernicke, Kate 0' Bryan, payment to, Indian allottee__________ 1708 Wertheimer , Margaret (widow), w:~~chiie-(~~):----------------- 2004 pensIOn mcreased___________________ 2180 Wulaco, Tex.• bridge authorized across Rio Grande, at _________________________ '471,776 consent of Mexico required _______ 471, 776 W ut Africa., Portugu,ue, parcel post convention with__________ 2454 Wut, Catherine (widow), pension increased___________________ 2153 West, Clyde L., appropriation for monthly payments to ________________________ 353,1374 DaIIle placed on yellow fever honor roll and presented gold medaL_____ 1409 to receive $125 monthly _ ____________ 1410 We.t, HUm N. (widow), Paae. ~nr,:;!~C~-A~ir~~ij;o-;;-D~ 1896 mark (,ea Virgin Islands). Weat Indiea, appropriation for W cather Service ex- pensesin _________________ 543,1194 Weat, Marian Peck (widow), ~~A(~~-~:(~);--------------- 1768 ~n:}oB,;g~~- s~~hip-o;m;;'-Pr-;;: 1823 tection and Indemnity A,aociation (Limited), etc., may bring suit for collWon damages to steamship "San Tirso," in dis- trict court_ _ _ _ _______________ 1731 We..t Point (3e6 Military Academy). Wut Point Whole3ale Grocery Company, adjustment of sales contracts with, by local board of sales control, confirmed____________________ 1859 Wut, ~ara!,- C. (widow), pensIOn mcreasOO _______ , ___ ___ ___ __ 2117 West Swanton, Vt., bridge authorized across Lake Cham- plain, East Alburg to___ 514, 1506 W ut, Th0ma3 A., pension____________________________ 2004 Wut Virginia, construction of bridge across Potomac River, at Paw Paw, by Mary- land and, legalized____________ 1077 may acquire, after completion, bridge across Kanawha River, at Cabin Creek_______________________ 475 at Dunbar_____________________ 982 at Point Pleasant_______________ 408 at Saint Albans_________________ 473 New River, at McCreery__________ 767 Ohio Rivelhat Moundsville________ 1440 at New vumberland____________ 741 at New Martinsville, W . Va__ 298,1473 at RavenswoodJ•. 'O hio____________ 318 at Sistersville, w . Va____________ 135 at Wellsburg, W . Va____________ 503 Monongahela National Forest, Virginia and, area modified____________ 2961 West, firg~nia C. (widow), pensIon mcreased _________ - '______ ___ 1956 West, Warwick, R. I ., deficiency appropriation for public building at___________________ 1663 Westcott, Charlotte (widow), penmon____________________________ 1809 Wester,. LCJ!inda (widow), penSIon mcreased _________ ~---______ 2118 Western I rrigation Agricultur~, appropriation for investigation of utiliz- ing lands reclaimed under Rec- lamation Act___________ ~ __ 551,1202 Western Navajo Indian Boarding School, Ariz., appropriation for construction, etc_ 220, 1578 Western Navajo Indian Hospital, Ariz., appropriation for maintenance, etc. , of ________________________ 2~1581 W utern Shoshone Agency, Nev., appropriation for support, etc. , of Indians at___________________ 1584 Western Shoshone Indian Reservation, Idaho and Nev., appropriation for irrigation project on_______________________ 209,1572