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SEVENTIETH CONGRESS. SESS. I . CBS. 691-693. 1928. 1857 OHAP. 691. -An Act To app!Ove a deed of conveyance of certain land In the MTarmstroBot (talk)=i Seneca 0il8pring Reservation, New York. --r.~-r.-E::':~~- [Public, No. 162 .) B~ it eMCua by tM Smat6 and H()fJ,88 of R8pr68en.tati1J68 01 the pmted statu 01 America in Oongre88 as8embled, That a certain TarmstroBot (talk). ~ instrument of conveyance dated December 30, 1927, from. the Seneca taic0:!oT!IIIlIva3!.:: - Nation of Indians to the Seneca Oil Spring Association (Incor- n n, . porated) , granting by quitclaim title a tract of land having a radius of seventy-five feet from the center of the oil spring located on the Oil Spring Reservation, New York, and a right of wa:y three rods wide to such spring from the public highway now passmg through the reservatioTl, is hereby confirmed and the approval of the Assistant Secretary of the Interior Department of February 28, 1928, thereof is hereby validated: Provided, That the purpose for which = ~ 8 the land is hereby conveyed shall be for the preserving of the spring Indians i~ntued ~= as a historical monument only, and title to said land shall revert to ::~m:nt~ historical the Seneca Nation of Indians if said land is ever placed to any other use. Approved, May 22, 1928. OHAP. 692. - An Act For the relief of Louie June. fJ.y~2l~· [Private, No. 163 .) Be it enacted by the Senate and H0'U86 of RepNBfmtati1J88 of the U'flited State8 of America in Oongres8 (J;88emblelJ, That the Secretary Louie1une. in of the Treasury be, and he is hereby, authorized, empowered, and Ju:;:r.:,~t to. for - directed to pay, out of any funds in the Treasury of the United States of America not otherwise appropriated· and in full settlement against the Government, the sum of $2,500 to Louie June to reim- burse him for money expended and compensate him for an injury received at the Mare Island Navy Yard, California, May 27, 1922. SEC. 2 . That no part of the amount approl?riated in this Act in Liml,tatlon r: at- excess of 10 per centum thereof shall De paId or delivered to or torney 9, eto., . received by any agent or agents, attorney or attorneys on account of services rendered or advances made in connection with said claim. Any person or persons violating the provisions of this Act shall be mTarmstroBot (talk)ion a misde- deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction shall be fined in any sum not exceeding $1,000. Approved. May 22, 1928. May 22, 1928. CHAP. 693. -An Act Granting relief to Havert S. Sealy and Porteus R. --r,;-=:,;[H;=':.,::R;;.:,.~a.::.;:70'i';;')-;-;-- Burke. [PrIvate, No. 1M.) Be it e'ftIMtea by tM Senate omil H ()'U8e of R8fY1'68emativ88 of the UnAied State8 of America in Oongres8 as8emhlea, That the Secre- p~~8'B~y and tary of the Treasury be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed ~o~_ti~ a' for to pay, out of any money in th~ Treasury not otherwise appropriatedl fire 10/1988. the sum of $10,000, to Havert S. Sealy and Porteus R. Burke Of New Iberia, Louisiana, in full com~nsation against the Govern- ment for destruction by fire of a resIdence on the Rosedale Planta- tion, situated in the Parish of Iberia, Louisiana, on the 1st day of June, 1927, due to the fault and neglig'ence of an agent of the Department of Agriculture. Approved, May 22, 1928.