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1856 SEVENTIETH CONGRESS. SE88. I . CBB.671-674. 1928. of the United States, upon the same principles and measures of lia. - bility as in like cases in admiralty between private parties and with the same rights of appeal except that no mterest shall be allowed fl:/:' etc tc u- on any claim: P1'01Jided, That such notice of the suit shall be given tomey 0en«IJ. to the Atto!'ll9Y General of the United States as may be provided by orders of the said court, and it shall be the duty of the Attorney General to cause the United States attorney in such district to appear Commencement of and defend for the United States: Provided fwrtlu1r, That said suit luit. shall be broueht and commenced within four months of the date of the passage 01 this Act. Approved, May 21, 1928. May 21, 11128. [H. R . 4MO.) CHAP. 672. -An Act To correct the military record of Charles E. Lowe. [PrIvate, No. 1$.) Be it e1UUJted byt'M Senate and HlYU8e of Rep!esenta.:ti'IJes of the Charles E. Lowe. United StoklJ of A'7Mrica in Oongress (J,8swlhled 'That in the admin- MUltaq record cor- • • f 1 nf' . h "1' dbe fi rected. istFatIon 0 any Jaws co errmgrlg ts, prlVl eges, an ne ts upon honorably discha!,ged soldiers Charles E. Lowe, who was a private in Company F, Thirty-seventh Regiment United States Volunteer Infantry, shall be held and considered to have been honorably dis- charged from the military ser.vice February- 12, 1900, and to have rec~ived the gunshot wound in right hand in line of duty, and to have served" honest and faithful" as noted on his original discharge .ProNo N · certificate: Pr01Jided, That no bounty, back&ay , pension, or allow- _ 0 back pay, etc. ance shall be held to have accrued prior to e passage of this Act. Approved, May 21, 1928. May 21, 11128. [H. R . 4687.) CHAP. 673. -An Act For the relief of Albert Campbell. [Private, No. leo.) . Be it e'IIMted ~ the Senate and H O'U8e of Rep1'e86ritoti'IJe8 of the tl~=ll'cor_ United States 0 Amerioa in Oongress a8sewled, That in the rected. administration 0 the pension laws Albert Campbell shall hereafter be held and considered to have been honorably discharged from the military service of the United States as a member of Company B, One hundred and fifty-seventh Regiment New York State Volun- f7~' ns1 tc teers on the 11th day of October, 1863: Provided, That no bounty, . o orpe on,e . back pay, pension, or allowance shall be held to have accrued prior to the passage of this Act. . Approved, May 21, 1928. Ma,. 21, 11128. [H. R . QIIeII.) CHAP. 674. - An Act To authorize the purchase at private sale of a tract of [PriT&te, No. 1111 .] land in Louisiana, and for other purposes. Be it enacted by the Senate and H0'U8e of Rerre8entati'IJe8 of the TarmstroBot (talk), United Statl!8 of A'1Mrica ~n O0ngre8s a8serf!1>led, That the Secretary tr~ers thereof au· of "the Intenor be, and he IS hereby, authorized to allow the persons . or corporation, in possession and having the bona fide equitable PM, p. 23~. ownership thereof, to purchase at private sale, at the rate of $1.25 per acre, section 158 in township 12 south of ran~ 14 east, Louisiana meridian, Louisiana, containing thirty-nine and eighty one-hun- dredths acres. Approved, May 21, 1928.