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SEVENTIETH CONGRESS. SESS. I . CH8.261, 262, 274, 298. 1928. 1715 OJUP. 881. -An Act For the relief of Jewrle Roll. ,rRTarmstroBot (talk) Be it enacted by tM Se1UJte 0I1Ul B ou.te of R~Ientativel of tM lPrly,", No. \0.1 UflIited State8 of America in. 0tmgr888 aB8emJJled, That the Secretary TarmstroBot (talk) tor.. - v. of the Treasury be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to pay _ oIhu1bN1d. out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated] and in full settlement against the Government, the sum of $617.~ being the amount of vouchers amounting to $404.81 rece.ived by her late husband, T. E . Roll, for services rendered the G;vernment B8 carrier on the star mail route out of Boss, Ohio and which were uncashed at the time of his death and $113.83 for the two months immediately preceding his death, during which he performed said services for which no vouchers were received by him. Approved, March 27, 1928. OHAP. ge9.-An Act For the relief of John A. Fox. Be it 81UlCted by tM Senate and H0'U8e of Repre8entatVv81 of tM United Stat88 of America in Oongr881 QSlembled, That the Secretary of the Tre&S1l!"Y be, and h~ is herebL authorized and -directed !iO pay to John A. Fox, of Spnngville, Utah, out of any. money m the Trea~ not otherwise 'appro~riated, and in' full settlement against the Governn.ent, the sum of $786.28 in reimbursement of labor and expenditures made by: him upon his stoc)t-ra.ising homestead entry numbered 019731, Lake City series, embracmg the southwest quarter and east half of section 17 in township 8 south, range 5 east, Salt Lake meridian Utah, the patent for which was annulled by decree of court for the reason that the land was at the date of entry and patent within a national forest and not subject to entry. Approved, Ma.reh 27, 1928. March 'P, 1_ [S.1325.) [PrIvate, No. au.1 10hn A. lox. RelmbunemeDt to. March 28, 1928. CHAP. 974. - An Act For the relief of Victorina. Mesa, of Cavite, Philippir.e --=~[B='7"R.~8887~'):-r- Islands. [PrIvate, No. 61.] Be it e'MCted by tM Se1UJte and House of RepresentatVv81 of the Vlctorlna Mesa. United State8 of America in Oongre88 a88eni1>led, 'I'hat the Secretary Payment to, tOlO of the Treasury be, and he is hereby authorued and directed to pay, death of husband. out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, and in full settlement against the Government, the sum of $500, to com- pensate Victorina Mesa, of Cavite, Philippine Islands, for the death of her husband, Lucio Lupisan I'ilot of the B&nca Romero, as a result of collisions of the Unit;d States shirs Rizal and Hart with said Banca Romero in Manila Bay, on Apri 8,1921. Approved, Ma.reh 28, 1928. March 29, 1928. CHAP. 998. -An Act For the relief of John Rook.. [B.R.80113.) (Private. No. a .] Be it 81IIlCtedby tM Se1UJte and H0'U88 of R6~e'lliiati1i88 of tlw 10hnRooks. U.",;ud St4t88 of Ameri<u in. Oongres8 a8aembled, That the General Payments f«!~, serv- A . om.hb th'zed to 11 ts' I_lIB marshal ....owed. ccountmg ce18ereyauorl a ow paymen oovermg the salary of John Rooks for services actually rendered as United States marshal for the district of South Dakota from June 8, 1924, to October 30, 1925, inclusive. Approved, March 29, 1928.