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1716 SEVENTIETH CONGRESS. SB88. I . CR8. 299, 316-318. 1928. TaC/r- OJUll'. IDD . - An Act To authcrise the Secretary of the Interior to I88\1fl a rPltYUt. No. iiI patent to the Bureau of Catholic Indian Miaaioll8 for a certain tract of land on the M~ BelerYailon, New Mexico. BUNMI of c.&boIIe B~ it MII.ICUd br tM Senate·mul Houu of ReP!Y"MtatitJu of tM Indian M....... UAit«l statu 01 Af'I'lerica m(J01!1J1'"8 aumnbled, That the Secretary ~t~ of the Interior be, and he is hereby, authorized to issue to the Bureau UoD, N . Mex. , i IIued of Catholic Indian Missions a patent in fee for the unsurveyed tract to. of land of approximately ten acres, now occupied and ~roved by the St. Joseph Mission on the Mescalero Indiar.. Beservation in New ProNo. Mexico, fol'!!uillY. reserved for the said Mission ?J !>rder of the Secre- Paymeat for mrm. tary of the Interior dated June 25, 1912: P~ That before such patent is issued the said corporation shall deposit with the Commis- sioner of Indian Affairs whatever amount of money' may be ~uired to pay the expenses of a survey to be made under the supervislon of the General Land Office. Approved, March 29,1928. A~4, laJ. [8.40.) OJUll'. aI6. -An Act For the relief of Daniel F. Roberta. [Printe, No. M .J DanleI F R berta Be it enacted by 1M 86'114te and Howe of Re~6'ntatwe8 01 tM Milltaly' ~ OOro Un,iUi/, statu 01 .America. tn (JDngrt3a aaaem:6kd, That in the adniinis- noted. tration of any laws conferring ri~hts, privileges, or benefits upon honorably disCharged soldiers, Damel F. Roberts, who was a private in Company :0, 'Second &~ent West Virginia Volunteer Infantry, shall hereafter be held and considered to have been honorably discharm from the military sel"Vice of the United States as a member of saiaCOJIlpany and regunent on the 10th da:y of April, 1899: ~ pay, etc. PrO'Vided, ~at no pay, pensio~t ~r allowance shan be held to have accrued pnor to the passage of trus Act. Approved, Apri14, 1928.· OHAP. 817. - An Act For the relief of Thomas Johnsen. If it enac_ VlI t_ enate fIT"'" 0 epre8sn.tatWea 0 tlUJ [PrIvate, No. 56.] B' ... _.7 J.... J. - 8 __ .7HR' ~1._ rr=l=.oor- United seau. of Ameriool in (Jtmgre88 (J88~led, That in the in- 1Ieted. istration of the pension lawsor any l~ws conferring rights, ~rivileges, or benefits upon ~rsons honorably discharged from the Uruted States Army, Thomas Johnsen shall be held and considered to have been honorably discharged. as a · private, Battery C, Thit:d Artillery, Nopiorpeusion,etc. United States Anriy, on September 13, ~900, }jut no pension lbj!' nor bounty shallbe held to have accrued pnor to the passage of Act. Approved, 'April 4, 1928. April 4, lD28. [8.43 .) CHAP. 8IS.- An Act For the relief of Frederick N. Carr. [PrI....te, No. M .l Be it enacted by tM Senate and Howe of Rep1'eaentatwea of the ~~UTOOr. United states of America in (Jongrea8 aB8embled, That in the adniinis- noted. tration of any laws conferring rights, privil~, and benefits upon bonorablydi8charged soldiers, Frederick N. C&rrt..,who was a second lieutenant in Company L Firat Belriment West V irginia Volunteer Infan~t shall hereafter b; held ana considered to have been honor- ably C1iscnar~ from the milit&r)' service of the United States as an officer of said company and regIment on the 4th da:y of February, ~ pay, etc. 1899: PrO'Vided, That no pay, pension1 ~r allowance Shall be held to have accrued prior to the passage of this Act. Approved, Apri14, 1928.