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SEVENTIETH CONGRESS. SJ:88. I . ellS. 320,828, 33(). -3 32. 1928. 1711 CHAP. sao .- An Act For the relief 01 Leonidas L. Cochran and :ae-ue Ar:f~rr Cochran Brink. [Piiftit. No.II7.J Be it enacted by tM Senate aM H0UB6 df BepreaenHtMJe8 01 tAB United Statu 01 America m OtmgreB, .,H11ibled, That the SecretAl.ry III~' g::: of the ~teri01' be, and he is her,eby,authorized a~d directedto.~ l!1!!dpatelatalO. to LeoDldas L. Cochran, of Samt Andrew, Florlda, lots 9 &nalS of section 11, township 4 south, range US west, of the Tallahall8ee PoM. p. 2U1. meridian, Florida, and to Rosalie Cochran Brink, of Saint Andrew, Florida, lots 2 ad 3 of section 10, said township: P1'OtJid6d, That ~ price the parties named pay.•for the land described at the rate of $1.26 per . acre within six monthlS after the approval hereof. Approved, April 5, 1928. Aprile. 11128 . F CIi1frdDH 18. 1M.] CHAP. 3a6. - An Act or the relief of 0 • am, collector general of (PrIvate, No. 68.) cU8toma, administrator of Corlnto Wharf, Republic of Nicaragua. Be it 61/.IJCtedby tM.Se~e arul HOUBe o'Re~~'lJe, 01 tM CUtfordD.Ham. U~clStat& 01 Amerzoa '11. Oongrea'(J8~mbled, That the Secretary ~t &e. l!:. of the Treasury be, and h~ is hereby, authorized and directed to pay, :into. :=:..-* out of any money in. the Treasury not otherwise a.ppropria~, ana m ~ull settlement against the Government, the sum of $5,300 to Clilford D. Ham, collector. general of customs, administrator of Corinto Wharf, Republic of Nicaragua, for damages to the wharf at Corinto, Ni~rag'la, caused by the United States ship Quail Approved, April 6, 1928. ADrilIl, 11128 . CHAP. 330 .- An Act For the relief of Harriet K. Carey. [11. R .4117.] .. [PrIvate. No. 611.) Be it enacted by the Senate and H0'U8e of Repre8entati'Vu of tM United State8 'Of America in Oongrea, aI,emhled, That the General g=t~io~~'for Accounting .Office is hereby authorized and directed to allow credit :TarmstroBot (talk) to Harriet K. Carey in tlie sum of $95.02 for travel ~d' expenses Jtur.u. incurred in the month of September, connection with the invesii~tions of matters pertaining to the rension Bureau. Approved, April 9, 1928. April II, 11128 . CHAP. 381. - An Act For the relief of W'mfield Scott. [~~ :!~k.) Be it ~ by the ~ mul Howe 01 Re~ea of. tM WIn1Ield Scott United Statel "f America in Otmtgreu al8emhlea, That the General Cl1IdIt allowed. for Accounting Offi~ is hereby authorized. and diIWted to allow c~t rnac:wxruroa.~~ to Winfield Scott in the sum of $278.14, to cover travel and expenses BWMU. in the months of Au~st and SeptemberJ.,I926, incurred in connection with matters pertaimng to the Pension Hureau. Approved, Apri19, 1928. A 0,1_ CHAP. S3a.- An Ad For the relief of W. Laurence Huard. pn.;!; :!~~1. Be it e'TUlCtea by the Senate and Ho1sBe 01 RetyreMmtati",. of tM·· .. United St0k8- ·of A1'Mrica ~ Oongre81 fJl8embkd, That the General'~ Accounting Oftlce is hereby authorized and directed to alloW cl'Eldit rnaTarmstroBot (talk) 22:30, 6 January 2012 (UTC) to W. Laurence Hazard in the sum of $167.52, to cover travel and BWMU. expenses incurred in Se:ptember, 1926, in cOnnection with investiga- tions of matters pertaimng to the Pension; Bureau. Approved, Apri19, 1928.