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1718 SEVENTIETH CONGRESS. SESS. I . CBS. 333,348,349. 1928. T~r- CllLlP. sas. -An Act For the relief of Georp W. Boyer. (Prtna, No. it] Be it enacted by the Seru:de 0IIU1 House of Repruentatives of the ~~B::'for UflitM 8'ktWJ of America fin Oongress atJsemhled, That the claim ~. ~ ~ of George W. Boyer, of Pine Grove).. Pennsylvama., owner of the ~~. roft, bar~ Pin~ Grove, against the United ~tates of Amenca for damages alleged to have been caused by collision on December 7,1926, between said ba~ and the highway bridge at Coinjock, North Carolina, while saId bridge was owned and operated by the United States may be litigated and determined in the District Court of the United States for the Eastern District of Virginia, sitting as a court of 1arildtct10D of court. admiralty and acti~under the rules governing such courts, and said court shan have jurISdiction to hear and determine such suit and to enter a judgment or decree for the amount of such damages and costsl if an:y, as shan be found to be due against the United States ot AmerIca in favor of said George W. Boyer, or against said George W. Boyer in favor of the United States of America ascertained upon the principles and measures of liability applicable in like cases in admiralty between· private ~rsons or corporations, with the same ~io AHoI'DI1 right of appeal: Prooided, That notice of any suit brought by Oeu«al. George W. :boyer by virtue hereof shall be giv~n to the Attorney General of· the UDited States in the manner provided by any order entered by the District Court of the United States for tlte Eastern Diatrict Of Virginia, at Norfolk, in said cause, and it shall be the duty of the Attorney General of the United States to cause the Umted States attorney for the ~astern district of Virginia, at Nor- Commenoement of folk, to appear on behalf of the United States and protect and IIlit. defend its interests: Provided twrther, That the proceeding hereby authorized shall be begun withIn four months from the date of the passage of this Act. . AP-1l1O, 1_ [8.8110 .] Approved, April 9, 1928. OHAP. 348.- An Act For the relief of Charles H. Niehaus. [Prime, No. iii .] B6 it enacted by the Stmate 0IfI.d H0'U8e of ReprNentativea Of tM Cbarlee H. NIehaua. Umtetl StattJII of America in Oongress atJsembled That the Secretary Payment to. of the Treasury is hereby authorized and directed to pay, out of any money in tile Treasury not otherwise appropriated, and in full settlement against the Government, the sum of $33,121 to Charles H. Niehaus, of Grantwood, New Jersey, to compensate the said Niehaus for losses suffered by him in the. designing and erection by the aid Niehaus of the Francis Scott Key Memorial at Fort McHenry, Baltimore, Maryland, ~der his. cont~t with the United States, dated October 19, 1916, saId memorIal haVIng been completed by the said Niehaus and accepted by the United States June 14, 1922. Approved, April 10, 1928. . tr.i:.~l OHAP. S49.- An Act For the relief of George A. Winslow. tPrlftile;No.] B' .:I b 1_ s·-~· -.:I H :1R • tx 1. e it enactefll 'Y t,,~ f7f~ anfll t>tt8e 0 epresentot~ve8 0 tfU; ~~A~::: U1IIUedState. of America in 0fJng1'68S a88e led, That in the'a min- ..-I. istration of any laws conferring rights, privileges, and. benefits upon honorably diS(lharReCi soldiers, George A. Winslow, wllo was a mem- ber of COmpany 1ti, Third Arkansas Volunteer Cavalry, shall here- after be he1d and considered to have been discharged honorably from the military service of the United States as a lieutenant of that