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1722 SEVENTIETH CONGRESS. SESS. I . Cus. 389-391, 402. 1928. . A.prU 20, 1*. . ;N' B. 10lIl2 .] !~vate. No. 7ft.) Czechoalovakia, in the sum of $10,000, due to the United StateS on account of 'consular fees, whichrep~ted funds in saidamoUIit regularly mailed to the Sta.te Deputment by said Winans in Novem- ber, 1920,: and stolen while m the course of tr&llsmisslon through official pouch. Approved, April 20, 1928 . OltAP. 890. - An Act For the relief of the widows of certain Foreign Service officers. Deith aIJo· to B~ it 6fi(JCted by tM Senat8 aM H ()U88 of Repr68en.tati'UeB of tM "tI'Idoww of J:ted U,.ittJd SJat68 of Af'IUJ1'ica in O0ngr688 lM8Mnbled,; That the Secretary Foreign Service om· of the Treasury.; cbe, and he is .herebr authorized and dUected to J>&Y ~abel ReM Collln. to Mabel· Coffin, wi!1ow of WIlliam CoiJin"l. American Con- sul General· at BerliD, Germany, the sum of $9,000, being one year's salary of her d~ husband,· who died. while in the Foreign Sarah Llnard. Service; to·· Sarah Linard, widow of the late Drew Linard, JAte .American Consul at Piedras N~Coahuila Menco, the sum of $3,500, beiJ:lg! one leu's salary Of her d;;;;;;d husband, who died Jo~::~ ReQua of illness incurre while in the Consular Service; to Catherine ReQua Johnson the sum of $6,000, being a y'ear's salary of her deceased husband, Stewart Johnson, who was killed while American Appt'Opru.tlonfor. charge d'aft'aires lJl ~t; and there is hereby appropriated, out of AprIl20.1~ Mf' 1. Res. 118 .) [ v. ReI., No.2.] any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, a sUfficient sum to carry out the purpose of this Act. Approved, April 20, 1928. OBAP. 8Gl. -Joint Resolution Authorising the Secretary of War to award a dupUO&te Ot;ngreafonal Medal of HODOr to Lieutenant Colonel William J. Sperry. Ruo7AJ«J by t~ S~ and H ()U86 of R~~Mtati~68 of tM 1f=~anJ Oo~onel UMted StMu of .A.merica i", OO'fl,~ aasimh~, That ~he Secretag Duplloate ~1lIfeII' of War be, and he 18 hereby, authorlZed and directed to Issue a duph.. slonal Medal of Honor cate Congressional Medal of Honor to William J. Sperry, late Issued. to. lieutenant colonel, Sixth Vermont Infantry, Civil War, who was Itwarded. a Congressional Medal of Honor for most distinguished oJ~.~w-l:sr::.nted to gallantry at Petersburg, Virginis;, April ~t 1865; and th~t the dupli- cate medal be presented to the WIdow of tne above-mentioned officer. Approved, April 20, 1928.· OHAP. 601a. -An .~ct For the relief of Dennis W. Scott. I lvate, No. 77.) B~ it enacted by tM Senate and H0U86 (1/ Repre8mtativ68 01 tM Dennis W. Boott. United Slat" of Am61'ica in Oor'P"'.,681 aB8embled, That the adminis- ~tf~1ltery record oor- tratioQ. of any laws conferring ~hts, ~!-'ivileges, and benefits upon honorably diScharged soldiers, Dennis W. Scott, who was a member of Company B Thirty-second ~ent United States Volunteer Infantry, shall hereafter be held ana. considered to have been honor- ably diScharJred from the military service of the United States as a private ofthat organization on the 31st day of OctObe~98: ProM. Piiwided, That no oounty, back pay, pension, or allowanoo be No baok par, etc. held to have accrued prior to the passage of this Act. Approved, Apri121, 1928.