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SEVENTIETH CONGRESS. SIl8S. I . 0 •.,372,873,.3$$,388,3.89. 1928. 1721 to the postma.ster's account; $803.92, being an' amount· charged 'in t·he postal saviDge ~unt due to the.D1isa.ppropriation·of :funds in such poeto1Jiee; for which amonate the ~master was in no way ~ble, aild which OOCIII'red1ri£hout fault ~r negligence on hiS part. Approved, April 13, 1928. OHAP. 878.- An Act For the relief of Charles A. Black, ..aliu Angus Black. ~ 811.] liJt2S. [ No. 72.) Be it enacted by the S6'IUlt6 lJ1Ui H OW'6 of Representatives of . tM Umt6l/,StaUI of AmMictz in. O~ aMtmbW. That in the Char.. A . B. .. . administl'ation of :any laws eonfening rights, pr.ivile~ and benefits :::==- -- utJOn honorably discharged soldiers Charles A. BlaCk. alias Angus ., 'Who was .. member of Compalll'B Eleventh Musachusett.C\ V~bHlteer Infantry, shan herea~ be beld and considered to'have been discharged hOnorably .from the military service of the United States as .. ~d't'8.te of that' brganiJl&tion on the 17th day of August, 1861: ProviiUd, That no ~, baclt pay, pension or allOW&DeelO ~peuIou," shall be held to have accrued prior to tlie passage of this Act. Approved, April 13. 1928. April to, 1-' 0lUJ.». 8SS. -An Act For the relief of BenjAmin S. Mellenry, aUu Henry [R. R .4702.) Benjamin. [Prlva&e, No. 73 .) Be it 6'MCtea 1s tM Senate ood Houu of R6~" of tM United States 0 America in Oongrul Q,8,embkd, That in the u=-!n..s'u:!; administration 0 anI laws conferring !ights, {>rivileges~nd benefits ~. r.-d ~pon honorably disChar~ sOldiers 5 Benjamm .S. MCJ1~, alias rfICIW4.&arr -- Henry Benjamm,.1ate of "Company ThirO. Be~ Uilited States Caval~, slian hereafter be neld an considered to have been dis- chargea honorably from the miUtary service of the United States as a priyate· of that organizatiOl'l on the .17th day of Ma~:n867: ~, That no bounty, back pay, pension, or allowances be ~~_ heM to'\ave accrued prior to the passage of this Act. Approved, AprU 19, 1928. OllAP. 8S&-An Act Foe the relief of Edward S. lAthrop. ADdltO,t _ ,bR. R. e3G0.) [ me, No. 74.) Be it enacted by tM Senat6 and H 0'U86 of R6~1JU of the Ur.itea States of America ip oon~, a8,tmi1Jl«l That the Secretary Edwwd 8. Lathrop. • ~. .., Reimbursement to of the Treasury is authorized an directed to pay,_out of anJ? money for~ravel.etc. • e xpe_ in the Treasury not otherwise AypropriatedJ" to Edward S. Lathrpp, of Bunnell, Florida, the sum 0 $281.()6. ~uch sum represents the amoUnt' paid bI hUn for travelliul and Subsistence when he was forced to leave his duties IS Unitea States vice eo~ at Torreon, Mexico, in 1920, by reason of publication without his fault of con- fidential communication of his to the Department of State. . Approved, April 20, 1928. Allril to. 1'" ~. 888.- --An Act For ~ relief of O. 8. WiDaD& ~B. R. 8MJO~ [ .&&e, No. 6.) B~ it tJ'M.Ctd 'by the S6nat6 arul HOwe of R~M&tatW6B of tM unJ,ted StateB of .America in Oongres8 aneinbkd, That the General ~~r=Id" Accounting Office be, and is hereby~ authorized and directed to credit stolen 00D8U1ar ,.. ... the account of C. S. Winans, United States Consul at Prague,