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1724 • SEVENTIETH CONGRESS. SESS. I . Cm.422 -425. 1928. rR~il:t OHAP. 422. - An Act For the l'8lief of Louis H. Harmon. [PriV1lAl, No. ss.) B~ it enacted by tM Senate aM BOU8e ofRepreaentatWe8 of tM ~io~==t:v UMted statu of A1Mrica in OongreJJ8 assembled, That the Sacre- bond. . tary of the Treasury is authorized and directed to pay, out of any ADI'Il • 1921. [a. R.lUIlI (PriV1lAl, No. 83 .) money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriate<i,and in full settlement against the Government, to umis H. Harmon, Grand Rapids, Michigan, the sum of $500, representing the amount paid by him as surety on the estreated bond of Charles Corey, who failed to appear for trial in the Federal court of that city and who was subseQuentl:r returned to the custody of the United States marshal at Grand Rapids, Michigan, through the efforts of Louis H. Harmon. Approved, April 23, 1928. OHAP. 423.- An Act For the relief of the Farmers National Bank of Danville, Kentucky. 1'_ NatlciJl81 Be it tflMted by Me Senate and H0'U8e of Rep1'e8entati'IJes of tM B~=,p·to UMt6d SlAte. of America in Oongre88 as8embled, That the Secretary

~toIen LIbertY of the Treasury be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to pay.

n• out of. any money in the Tre~ not otherwise apI,>ropriated, the sum of *1,110 to the Farmers NatIOnal Bank of DanVllle, Kentu~, tore~mburse sai.d bank for the loss suffered by it on account of tlie theft, on August 1, 1921, of one $1,000 coupon note numbered F-1i36133 and four $100 coupon notes numbered L-12121584-6-6-7, all of the Victory Liberty loan 4% per centum convertible gold notes, taken from the bank by an assistant bank examiner while he was officially employed in such capacity in the examination of the bank, and who later paid to the bank the sum of $290 as part restitution, which amount still stands to the credit of the bank as agent for him. The notes have been presented to the Treasury Department in the regular course of business and paid. Approved, April 23, 1928. A\irll 23, 1928. [ .R.852.) OHAP. 4i4. - An Act Authorizing the i88uance of a certain patent. (hf.... ate, No. 84..) Zaccheus P. Barber. Be it enacted by tM Senate 0Jnd HD'U8e of Representati'IJes of the Bomesteadpatentto. United Statu of America in OongreJJ8 as8emhled, That the,Secretary of the Interior be, and he is herebY2 authorized to issue patent to Zaccheus P. Barber for land described as homestead entry now Visalia 01191515, formerly Independence 05027 for the east half of section 14, township 25 south~ range 38 east, Mount Diablo meridian, containing three hundred ana twenty acres. Approved, April 23, 1928. ADI'Il 23, 19:jS. pfa. R .8&61 .) OHAP. 4:36. -An Act For the relief of Lynn W. Franklin. [ Inte, No. &.) L W Franklin. Be tt eMcted by tM Senate and HD'U86 of RepreJJentatw68 of the C~tforloesofcer. United StatetJ of America m Oongre88 as8embled, That the General tain consular fees. Accounting Office be, and is hereby, authorized and directed to credit the account of Lynn W. Franklin, American vice consul at San Salvador, in the sum of $1,000, clue to the United States on account of consular fees, which represented funds in said amount regularly mailed to the State Department by said Franklin in February, 1921, and stolen while in the course of transmission through official pouch. Approved, April 23, 1928.