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SEVENTIETH CONGRESS. SES8. I . CH8. 426,429,430,435. 1928. 1725 OJUl'. 4:JI8. -An Ac~ For tlul relief of Jamllll A. DeLoach. ,tJf1R~~1 Be it enacted by the Senate and H0'U8e of Re~8entatwes of the [ vate, No. .1 United States of America in OO'nflre8S a8sern'bT,¢,i That the Secretary ~~. ~~: of the Treasury be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to pay, 1IOI1811l1Jur1e6. from any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, ancJ m full settlement a4{ainst the. Goverilment, the sum of $2,500 to James A. DeLoach for mjuries recelved~by him while attending.a citizens' military training camp at Camp McClellan, Alabama. Approved, April 23, 1928. CHAP. 429.- An Act For the relief of Wilford W. Caldwell. Be it enacted oy the Senate Q(ftd HQU8e of Repr-esentativ68 of the United Stute8 01 America in Oongress a88em1J16d, That the Secretary of the Interior be, and he .is hereby, authorized and directed to issue a patent under the homestead entry of Wilford W. Caldwell for the southeast quarter of the southeast quarter of section 35 and the south- west quarter of the southwest quarter of section 36 in township 1 south of ran~ 1 east, Uintab meridian, Utah, upon comp1ianc8 bI said Wilford W. Caldwell with the homestead laws of the United States: Provided, however, That in addition to the usual fees and commissions payable under existing laws said entl'}'Dlan shall pay the sum of $1.25 per acre for the land so entered,which latter sum shall be deposited in the Treasury of the United States and disposed of in the same manner as other proceeds derived from the sale of lands within the former Uintah Indian Reservation, Utah. Approved, April 24, 1928. AIlril24, 1Q28, [11. R . 10038 .] (Private. No. 87.1 Wilford W. Caldwell. Homestead patent to. PrOllUO. Payment required. April ~ 1Q28, CHAP. 430. - An Act For the relief of Peter S. Kelly. [B. 1771 .] (Private, No. 88 .1 Be it enacted by the Senate and H0'U8e~ Re'fft'uent4ti'V88jm~': r"- _ Peter B. Kelly. United Statu of America in Oongress a88 led, That in the . - MUitary record oar- istration of the pension laws and the laws conferring rights and priv- rected. ileges upon llonorably discharged soldiers, their widows and depend- ent relatives, Peter S. Kelly, late of Company B, First Regunent Montana Volunteer Infantry, shall be held and conSidered to have been honorably discharged from the military service of the United States as a member of the above organizatIOn on the 17th day of October, 1899: Pro'Vided, That no pay, pension; bounty, or other =Orpens!on,e&c. emoluments shall accrue prior to tne passage Of this Act. Approved, April 24, 1928. AIlI'il25.1Q28, CHAP. 48G.- An Act Validating certain appliC&~ions for and entriea of public lB. R . lI~.) lands. [Private. No. 89.) Be it enac~d by the SMate and Home 01 RepreBentativu of tM Publlclands United StaUs of America in OO'l'/,gru8 aBBem1Jled, That the Secretary Patents allowed for of the Interior be, and he is hereby, authorized to issue patents upon dfllllcnated entriel. the entries hereinafter named upon which proof of compliance with law has been filed, upon the paYJIlent of all moneys due thereon: Mineral entry, Carson City). Nevada, numbered 014935, made by P~c Portlandcce. the Pacific Portland Cement vompany, Consolidated, on August 18, :t~~tetFpany· on- 1925, for the Empire mill site, situate in the southwest quarter, Minenl patent to. section 81, unsurveyed, township 31 north, range 24 east Mount Diablo meridian, containing an area of four and nine hundred and ninety.nine thousandths acres. M835°-29-PT 2--4