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17.3a SEVEN'rIETH·CONGBESS. SES8. I . CBS. 455-459. 1928. ~&o AUCJnley P'I'OttUled, That· such notice ·of the suit shall be given to the a-al. Attorney Gene~ of .the United States as may be provided by the order of the said court, and upon the :reeeipt of such notice it shall be the duty of the Attorney General to cause the United States attorney in the district to appear and defend for the United States : Commencement of P1'O'Uided further, That such suit shall be brought and commenced IUit. within four months of the date. of the approval of this Act. ADri1l18 1_ ~rr.R.mi.] [ vaM, No. 102 .) App~, April 28, 1928. CUP. 468.-An Act Authorizing the health officer of the District of Colum. bia to iasue a permit for the opening of the grave containing the remains of the late Nellie Richards. . NeIlleRlcMrds B6·it·tJftIJCttId by Me Senate 0114 H()'IJ86 of Re~i1)e8 of tke Ora... IIf . In nlitrtct UMt6d statu of America in. Oongr68IJ aaBlmIh74d, That the health ~~mbJa, mat be offioor of the District of Columbia be, and he is heroby, authorized to .: issue a pennit for the o~ of the grave of the l"t;e Nellie Rich- ards,' who· WIS interred in tile O>n~essional Cemetery on October 18, '1891~' SO that the late Gertrude Richards, a sister of the aforesaid NeHie Richards, may be interred in the same grave. Approved, April 28, 1928. A~28.1018. . (8. 1428.] CHAP. 467. - An Act For the relief of R. Blueatein. (Printe. No. 103 .) Be it 6'MItJt«l by tM SenoU and HO'IIt8e of Repr'tJlen.tlJti'fJtB hf the ~~'on b.n UnittJd ~tateB of Ammca in Oon.g1'883 aaffl1ibled, That the Secretary bond. • olthe TreasurY be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed t{) pay, out of any moneys in thoe Treasury not otherwise appropriated, the sum of $.~.60 to :\be Tenenbaum, attorney for R. ~luestein, Sava~­ nab ~a, which sum 're~nts the loss sustamed by the saId R. IUnestem on the bail bond of Frank Holmes, who was afterwards captured and returned to the United States officers by the said R. Blueetein; reeord of said estreatment of bond is shown in report of clerk of the United States Court, L. M. Erwin, at Macon, Georgia, January 20, 1925. Approved, April 28, 1928. AJ)I'Il28,t_ [8.21:11.) CHAP. 468. - An Act To provide for compensation for Ona Harrington for [Private. No. 106.1 injuries received in an airplane accident. B~ it e'1/l1!CttJd by the S6Nlte and H ouae of Re'P'!'.88tntativ88 of tM Ona Han1DIton. United stat. of America in. O()n.{lre88 aa'errWkd, That. the Secretary ~~. (or per. of the Treasury be, a.ri.d he is hereby, authorized and d,irected t{) pay, out of any money not otherwise apP!'Opriated, and in fq).l settlement against the GOvernment, to Ona. Harrin!{ton, of Minonk, illinois, the sum of $667.40 as co~nsation for inJuries received in an air- plane accident in or near Kempton, lll.inois, on July 10, 1919. Approved, April 28, 1928. April 28. 1_ [8.2l1:li.] CHAP. 469.-An Act For the relief of the Old Dominion Land Company. (Private. No. 106.) Be it eno.cud by tM Senate and H01.I8e ollle~entati'l)es of the Old Dominion Land r/nlted States Of Am.e1'ica itn. Oongreu aB8emwled That the COmp- c'C~=Dsatlonforde- troller General of the United States be, and he is hereby, authorized

ruction of property and directed to certify for payment to the Old Dominion Land Com-

. pany, from any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated,