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SEVENTIETH CONGRESS. SEI!I8. L CBS. 459, 477-479. 1928. 1733 the sum of $8,314.40, on accolplt of destruction by the United S~ of two buildi~ formerly located.on premi&eS leased from the claim- ant in connectIon with Camp Hill and Camp Stuart, Virginia. Approved, April 28, 1928. . May 1, 11128 . CHAP. 4:77. -An Act Authorizing the Secretary of the Interior to issue a -=~[H=.~R.~4;::::1~~.J,..,-- paten~ to Katie Caaaiday lot & certain iraot of land. (PrIvate, No. 106.) 'B~ it 6'lWCted by the S61IDk and H0U8e oi ReP!!8tntati'V68 of the United St(lt68 01 Amerk:a in Oongres8 aB8tmibled, That the Secretary of the Interior be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to issue a patent to Katie Cassiday for Great Falls desert land entry 054131, embracing lots 3 and 6, and the southeast quarter northwest quarter section 7, township 26 north, range 43 east, principal meridian. Approved, May 1~ 1928. Katie CUIIlday. Land patent to. May 1, 1S128 . CHAP. 47B .-An Act For the relief of the Maiestic Hotel, Lake Charles, -n;~[H=-'F-R.~4OOI~.I,.,- Louisiana, and of Lieutenant R. T . Cronau, United S"tatea Army. [Private, No. 107 .) Be. it enacted by the Senate and H 0U86 of Re~atW6I of tM Uflited State8 of A17I81"ica WI. O~8 a88emhlid That the Comp- DO~~ t: troller General of the United States be, and he is hereby, authorized =::-t 01 ~ and directed to allow from the appropriation for general e~ n.Ipated IKVieeI of the Bureau of Agricultural EOOnondcs, Department of Ajricul- ~~torfrom appro- ture, for the fiscal year 1926, the sum· Qf $226.66, amount due the . Mai~ic Hotel, Lake Charles, Louisianl!1 for l~ and subsistence of Lieutenant R. T . Cronau and Stan Sergeant W. O. Womack. United States Army, during their assignment in ~tember and October, 1924, to mue aerial photographs of areas of rice fields in connection with crop estimates by the Bureau of Agricultural Eco- nomics of the Department of ~culture; and to allow from said appropriation to Lieuteant R. T . Cronau reimbursement of amounts expended by him for subsistence and travel of himself and Staff Sergeant W. O. Womack in proceeding by air in connection with said assignment to and from Kelly Field, Texas, to Lake Charles, Louisiana. Approved, May 1,1928. May 1, 1928. CHAP. 4:79.- An Act To extend the benefit. of the Employees' Compensation (8.1388.1 Act of September 1,1916, to Martha A. Hauch. [Printe, No.I08:J B~ it MaaCted by tM SMUlte and HbU8~ of R~pruentati"u of eM Martha A. Haueh. UnitM, State8 of A'In6rica in Oongresl a88Mnbled, That the Secretary Benefits of Employ- of the Treasury be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to pay ~Je':f~tlou Act out of any money in the Treasu!'Y not otherwise appropriated, ~d Vol ••• p. 7C, in full settlement against the Government, the sum of ~~ to Martha A. Hauch, formerly a nurse in the service of the united States Army, who contracted tuberculosis while on duty at Walter Reed General Hospital from September 16,1922, to August 22, 192-f:; and that said Martha A. Hauch shall be admitted to such ArmI hospital as may be directed by the Surgeon General of the United States Army for necessary care and treatment. Approved, May 1, 1928.