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1734 SEVENTL CONGRESS. SESS. I . CHS. 497-499. 1928. M~>n~'=j CHAP. 497.- An Aot For the relief of An~n Anderson. [Private, No. 1011.] Be it enacted by the Senate and H0'U8e of Re]J!e8entati1J68 of 1M t~;:e~tnTarmstroBot (talk)·COl. United State8 of America in O,ongres8 a88emble~, That the .Secretary llsion damae8S. of the Treasury be, and he IS hereby, authorIzed and dIrected to pay, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, and in full settlement against the Government, the sum of $170 to Anton Anderson, of Chinookl Washington, said sum being the amount of dama~e caused April 8, 1920, when the launch Vigilant, while operating ill fortificatIon construction work under authority of the Chief of Engineers, United States War Department, collided with and partially demolished fish trap numbered 152, then owned and operated by the said Anton Anderson. May3,1928. [H. R . 11764.) - [PrIvate, No. 110 .] ,Approved, May 3, 1928. CHAP. 498. - An Act Conferring jurisdiction upon the Court of Claims of the United States or the district courts of the United States to hear, adjudicate, and enter judgment on the olaim of A. Roy Knabenshue against the United States for the use or manufacture of an invention of A. Roy Knabenshue, covered by Letters Patent Numbered 858876, issued by the Patent Office of the United States under date of July 2, 1907. A R Knabenllh B~ it enacted by the Senate a:nd Home of Rere8entative8 of the Ci8i~YO(, (or UHu~f United States of America in Oongress assemble, That jurisdiction re~4;nvTarmstroBot (talk)f ~ is hereby conferred upon the Court of Claims and/or the district Claims or dhtrlct court of the United States, notwithstandin,g the lapse of time or the court. statute of limitations, to hear, examine, adJudicate, and render judg- ment of the claim of A. Roy Knabenshue, for the use and manufacture by or for the United States without license of the owner thereof or lawful right, and infringement thereof of patent described Appeal allowed. in or covered by Letters Patent Numbered 858876, issued by the Patent Office of the United States on the 2d day of July, 1907. From any decision in any suit prosecuted under the authority of this Act an appeal may be taken by either party as is provided for by law in other cases. Approved, May 3, 1928. M~>n~'~~j CHAP. 499.- An Act To adjudicate the claims of homestead settlers on the !Private, N:'::o'-"' .l""ll CT .]- drained Mud Lake bottom, in the State of Minnesota. Be it e'lUlCted by the Senate 0I1I,(J House of Repre8entatives of the Mrn~d Lake bottom, United States of America in Oongress assembled~ That the Secretary Payln, clalms of oer- of the Treasur~be, and he is hereby, authorized tola~ out of any taln dia~ set·· ••. • tIers on, authorised. money ill the reasury not otherwIse appropriate) t e followmg Vol. t4.p.lW. several sums of money to the respective claimants, theIr heirs, assigns, or legal representatives; the amount to be paid to each settler, his heirs, assigns, or legal representatives: To Grant I. Flakne, $2,009; to Casper J. Dale, $4,254.50; to Engebret Norbeck, $2,458.50; to Ole Reierson, $1,610; to Ole Maakstad, $757; to Andrew O. Spokely, $2,016; to Carl M. Ostby, $429.08; to Ervin T. Dale, $lt535; to Sherman J. Talle, $1,070; to Tom Risdal $602; to Andrew P. Haugen, $390; to Agnes Fosen, $681; to ()lava Sollom, $650; to Almond O. Snook, $1,220; to Hilmar Moberg, $3,235; to Mary Moberg, $890; to Alfred Newton, $997; to Arnold E. Talle, $714; to George E. Jensen, $425; to Fred Peterson, $1,970; to Karoline Johansen, $370.50; to Emil Bernet Simonson, $1,201; to Ole Wilhelm Moberg, $1,728; to Olf Torger Ness, $845; to Hilda Edith Brekke, $845; to Ed Furr, $975; to Matilda. Furr, $058; to Ole Olson Garthus, $435; to Elmer Odie, $80.