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SEVENTY-FIRST CONGRESS . SESS . III . Cs. 187 . 1931 . GOV ERN MEN T IN THE TERRITORIES TER RITORY OF ALASK A 1157 Government in the Territories . Alaska . Governor, $7,000 ; secretary, $3,800 ; in all, $10,800 .

Governor and secre- tary. For inci dental and contin gent expen ses of the office s of the g ov- Post, p . im. ernor and of the secretary of the Territor yy, clerk hire, not to exceed Contingent exp enses . $5,700 ; janitor service for the governors office and the executive mansion, not to exceed $3,000 ; traveling expenses of the governor while absent from the capital on official business and of the secretary of the Territo ry while tr aveling on official bu siness unde r direction of the governor ; repair and preservation of governor's house and furni- ture ; for care of grounds and purchase of necessary equipment ; stationery, lights, water, and fuel ; in all, $14,300, to be expended under the direction of the governor. Reindeer for Alaska : For support of reindeer stations in Alaska Reindeer stations. and instruction of Alaskan natives in the care and management of reindeer, including salaries of necessary employees in Alaska, sub- sistence, clothing, and other necessary personal supplies for appren- tices with Government herds, traveling expenses of employees, purchase, erection, and repair of cabins for supervisors, herders, and a pprentices, eq uipme nt, a nd all other necessary miscellaneous expenses, $26,900, to be available immediately . Insane of Alaska : For care and custody of persons legally care of insane . adjudged insane in Alaska, including compensation of medical super- visor detailed from Public Health Service, transportation, burial, Provisos . and other expenses, $152,000 : Provided, That authority is granted pa yme nt to s anita . t o the Secretary of the Interior to pay from this appropriation to nu ns Com pan y, etc . the Sanitarium Company, of Portland, Oregon, or to other contract- ing institution or institutions, not to exceed $564 per capita per an num for th e care an d maintena nce of Al askan insa ne patient s during the fiscal year 1932 : Provided further, That so much of this Return, etc., of per- sum as may be required shall be available for all necessary expenses ,Ret urn, Alaska real- sum ascertaining the residence of inmates and in returning those who are not legal residents of Alaska to their legal residence or to their friends, and the Secretary of the Interior shall, so soon as practicable, return to their places of residence or to their friends all inmates not residents of Alaska at the time they became insane, and the com- mitment papers for any person hereafter adjudged insan e sha ll include a statement by the committing authority as to the legal resi- dence of such person . Traffic in intoxicating liquors : For suppr essio n of t he tr affic in Suppressing liquor intoxicating liquors among the natives of Alaska, to be expended traffic . under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior, $16,200 . The Alaska Railroad : For ever expenditure requisite for and Ala ska Ra ilroa d . Maintenance, etc ., in cident to the authorized work o the Alaska Railroad, including expenses . maintenance, operation, and improvements of railroads in Alaska ; maintenance and operation of river steamers and other boats on the Yu kon River and its tributaries in Alaska ; operation and mai nte- Operation o f vessels . nance of ocean-going or coastwise vessels by ownership, charter, or arrangement with other branches of the Government service, for the p urpose of p rovidi ng ad ditio nal fa cilit ies f or the tran sporta tion of f reight , pas senger s, or mail , when deem ed ne cessar y, fo r the benef it and development of industries and travel affecting territory tributary payment for dam- to the Alaska Railroad ; stores for resale ; payment of claims for ages, etc . losses and damages arising from operations including cla ims of LolS .Cpp?81, employees of the railroad for loss and damage resulting from wreck or accident on the railroad, not due to negligence of the claimant, limited to clothing and other necessary personal effects used in con- nection with his duties and not exceeding $100 in value

payment of