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11 58 Provisos . Services in the Dis- trict . Printing, etc . Mineral, etc., re- sources of Alaska. Capital ac cou nt of expe ndi ture s. Hawaii. Governor, secretary . Contingent expenses SEVENTY-FIRST CONGRESS . SEss . III . CH. 187 . 1931 . amounts due connecting lines under traffic agreements ; payment of comp ensat ion a nd ex pense s as autho rized by s ectio n 42 of the Injury Compensation Act approved September 7, 1916 (U . S . C ., title 5, sec . 793) , to be r eimbu rsed as th erein prov ided, $1,0 00,00 0, in addi tion to all amounts received by the Alaska Railroad during the fiscal year 1932 , to continue available until expended : Provided, That not to exceed $6,000 of this fund shall be available for personal services in the District of Columbia during the fiscal year 1932, and no one other than the general manager of said railroad shall be pa id an annual salary out of this fund of more than $6,000 : Provided fur- ther, That not to exceed $10,000 of such fund shall be available for printing and binding : Provided further, That not to exceed $250,000 of this fund shall be available for continuation o f the inve stiga tion of mi neral and other reso urces of A laska to a scert ain the potential resources available which will affect railroad tonnage Provided further, That $250,000 of such fund shall be available only for such capital expenditures as are chargeable to capital account under accounting regulations prescribed by the Interstate Commerce Commission, which amount shall be available immediately . TERRITORY OF HAWAII Governor, $10,000 ; secretary, $5,800 ; in all, $15,800. For contingent expenses, to be, expended by the governor, for statio nery, po stage, an d incide ntals, $1 ,000 ; pr ivate se cretary t o the governor, $3,100 ; temporary clerk hire, $500 ; for traveling expenses of the governor while absent from the capital on official business, $1,500 ; in all, $6,100 . Saint ElizabethsHos .

SAI NT ELIZABETHS HOSPITAL pital. M aint enan ce, etc . For support, clothing, and treatment in Saint Elizabeths Hospital for the Insane of insane persons from the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard, insane inmates of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, persons charged with or convicted of crimes against the United States who are insane, all person s who have become insane since their entry into the military and naval serv ice o f the Unit ed St ates, insa ne ci vilia ns in the quart ermas ter service of the Army, insane persons transferred from the Canal cInnsaa citizens in Zone who have been admitted to the hospital and who are indigent, American citizens legally adjudged insane in the Dominion of Canada whose legal residence in one of the States, Territories, or the District of Columbia it has been impossible to establish, insane ben efic iar ies of the Uni ted Stat es Empl oye es' Com pens ati on C om- mission, and insane beneficiaries of the United States Veterans' Bureau, including not exceeding $27,000 for the purchase, exchange, Vehicles, etc. maintenance, repair, and operation of motor-propelled passenger- carrying vehicles for the use of the superintendent, purchasing agent, and general hospital business, and including not to exceed $235,000 for repairs and improvements to buildings and grounds, $1,204,020, including maintenance and operation of necessary facilities for feeding employees and others (at not less than cost), and the proceeds therefrom shall reimburse the appropriation for the institution ; and not exceeding $1,500 of this sum may be expended in the removal of patients to their friends, not exceeding $1 ,500 in the purchase of such books, periodicals, and newspapers, as may be required for the purposes of the hospital and for the medi cal libra ry, and not ex ceeding $1,500 for the actual and necessary expenses incurred in the apprehension and return to the hospital of escaped