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2386 CONCURRENT RESOLUTIONS OF CONGRESS. Poll, p. 3Ii03. as he may deem advisable; to issue a proclamation declaring April 6, 1936, as Army Day, and in such proclamation to invite the gov- ernors of the various States to issue Army Day proclamations. Passed, April 2, 1936. April 21, 1936. REVENUE ACT OF 1936 (H. Con. Res .• No. 48 .) Resolved by the llouse oj Representatives (the Senate concurring) ReVl!nue Act or 1936. That in accordance with paragraph 3 of section 2 of the Printing Additional copies of , • hearings on b1ll or· Act approved March 1, 1907, the Comnuttee on Ways and Means of dVot~1n~OI2. the House of Representatives be, and is hereby, empowered to have u. s. c., p. 1937. printed for its use two thousand additional copies of the hearings held before the said committee during the current session on the bill AfIlt. p. 164!! . entitled "The Revenue Act of 1036". Passed, April 21, 1936. Aprll22. 19311. BARBARA BACKSTROM [So Con. Res .• No. 36.) RelJol'l..'ed by the Senate (the House oj Representatives concurring), TarmstroBot (talk)!,~s~::::il. That the action of the Vice President and of the Speaker of the mentofbi1lforreliefof, House of Representatives in signing the enrolled bill (II. R . 4387) dl~~p. 2261. entitled "An Act conferring jurisdiction upon the United States District Court for the Western District of Michigan to hear, deter- mine, and render judgment upon the claim of Barbara Blackstrom", be rescinded, and that in the reenrollment of said bill the Clerk of the House of Representatives is authorized and directed to insert the name "Backstrom" in lieu of the name "Blackstrom" where it appears in section 1 of the amendment of the Senate to the text of said bill and in the amended title. Passed, April 22, 1936.

-ray 14,1936.

CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMEIUCA (ANNOTATED) [So Con. Res., No. 35.) Resol'l..'ed by the Senate (the House oj Representatives concurring), Constitution of the That the Constitution of the United States of America (Annotated) United States of Amer· • .." iC8TarmstroBot (talk)r°tar)'dered including all amendments thereto, and with Citations of the cases of ngo or . the Supreme Court of the United States construing its several pro- visions, collated under each separate provision, be compiled and Distribution. revised up to date, and that the same shall be printed and bound; and that three thousand copies shall be printed, of which two thous- and two hundred copies shall be for the use of the House of Represen- tatives and eight hundred copies for the use of the Senate. Passed, May 14, 1936. May 29. 1936. INAB"GURAL COMMITTEE [So Con. Res., No. 38 .) Resolved by the Senate (the House oj Representatives concurring), ~:Fr"tlon of the That a. joint committee consisting of three Senators and three Repre- JOin~ncommittee on sentatives, to be appointed by the President of the Senate and the ==-nts to be Speaker of the House of Representatives, respectively, is authorized to make the necessary arrangements for the inauguration of the President-elect of the United States on the 20th day of January next. Passed, :May 29, 1936.