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TELECOMMUNICATION CONVENTION. DECEMBER 9, 1932. [494] § 15. In the absence of contrary arrangement, the following provisions shall be applicable to radiotelegraph accounts considered in the present article. [496] § 16. (1) Monthly accounts shall be accepted without re- vision when the difference between the accounts prepared by the two administrations concerned does not exceed one percent (1 %) of the account of the creditor administration, provided that the amount of this account be not greater than one hundred thousand francs (100,000 fr.); when the amount of the account drawn up by the creditor administration is greater than a hundred thousand francs (100,000 fr.), the difference must not exceed a total sum compnsmg: 1st. 1% of the first hundred thousand francs (100,000 fr.); 2d. 0.5% of the remainder of the amount of the account. [496] However, if the difference does not exceed twenty-five francs (25 fr.), the discrepancy must be disregarded. [4&7] (2) A revision once begun shall cease as soon as, fol- lowing an exchange of comments between the two administrations concerned, the difference has been reduced to an amount not ex- ceeding the maximum fixed by the first subparagraph of this para- graph. [49~] § 17. (1) Immediately after the acceptance of the accounts appertaining to the last month of a quarter, a quarterly account, setting forth the balance for the whole of the 3 months of the quarter, shall, in the absence of a contrary arrangement between the two administrations concerned, be prepared by the creditor adminis- tration and forwarded in duplicate to the debt.or administration, which, after checking it, shall return one of the two copies endorsed with its acceptance. [-] (2) Failing acceptance of one or the other of the monthly accounts of the same quarter before the expiration of the sixth month following the quarter to which the accounts refer, the quart- erly account may, nevertheless, be prepared by the creditor admin- istration for a provisional settlement, which shall become obligatory for the debtor administration in the conditions set forth in § 18 below. Corrections subsequently found to be necessary shall be included in a subsequent quarterly settlement. [600] § 18. The quarterly account must be verified and the amount thereof must be paid within 6 weeks from the date on which the debtor administration has received it. After this period, the sums due to one administration by another shall bear interest at the rate of 6 percent per annum, dating from the day following expiration of the said period of grace. [601] § 19. (1) In the absence of a different agreement, the bal- ance of the quarterly account shall be paid by the debtor admin- istration to the creditor administration, in gold or by means of checks or sight drafts drawn up for an amount equivalent to the amount of the balance expressed in gold francs. 2551