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184 TWENTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 40. 1837_ Dsyk point, thousand dollars; for a light—house at l)ay’s point, on James river, five "·°· thousand dollars; for a light-boat, or light-house, in the Potomac river _between Mathia point, in Virginia, and Maryland point, in the State ` _ ‘ L of Maryland; Provided, On inquiry, the Secretary of the Treasury `- shall deem such light necessary to the safe and uninterrupted navigs. Chesavenke tionof that section of the river Potomac, ten thousand dollars; lor a bwotomw new light-boat in the Chesapeake bay, eight thousand dollars; for- a ,,,8,* light-hou?;; the mouth of Potomap clreek, five thousand dollars. N.C:¤·o1.l¤n, State o art}: Carolina.——For a i t-house oll`Powell’s oint Alber- &g_°"'°w' P°““· marie sound, five thousand dollars; fdr rebuilding a lighvhlduse int Fed. eral point, five thousand dollars; thr a light-house on Pea island, near New inlet, five thousand dollars; for building a new light-boat at Lone as _ shoalQ in Pamlico sound, ten thousand dollars. ° S·C°¤’°l¤¤°- State q"Se·utIt Carolina.-—-For light—houses or light-boats in the in. Pg? £)¢l:1¤¤ ¤¤d lets of Saint Helena and Port Royal, twenty thousand dollars; for the Chmgstgn construction of live beacon-lights in Charleston harbor, six thousand hu-bor. dollars, in addition to the appropriation of the last session; the location o;` sriid lights to be changed, if deemed expedient by the Secretary of _ the' reasury. €§Q’f§‘§;_‘m_ State of Qeorgimj-For a light-house on the north end of Little xmlns mma, Cumberland island, eight thousand dollars; for the erection of a light- &°· house on the north end of Jekyl island, eight thousand dollars. For the placing of buoys, and beacons, to render the entrance to the harbor of Brunswick secure and easy at all times, ten thousand dollars. For a light·house on Sapaelo island and for placing buoys and beacons at Doboy bar, and Sapzielo bar, [bri] the purpose of rendering safe and secure an entrance at a l times to the city of Darien, five thousand dollars; J for a lloating light to be anchored within Martin’s Industry, ten thousand dollars. ® ®m,_ hugs!;;; v_5D1g33m;:;-Hpgor placing fbuoys lthe harboré ofdMpbil(p, six - ; erecrono a. 1 · ouseon an isan o - Ohio posite Mobile point, ten thousand dollars? i P .1..,,,;,, mw,} State of Ohta.?-For a light-house on Turtle island, at the entrance tre. of Maumee bay,1n Luke Erie, eight thousand dollars; for a beaconlight on a proper site near the entrance of the harbor of Sandusky bay, two thousand five hundred dollars; for a beacon-light at or near Manhattan, three thousand dollars; for additional buoys to mark the chanppl alt; th; mpushlpf thefMiarni }pflLake Erie, and across Maumee bay, o un re_ dollars; or a ig t—1ouse on the south side of Gunnin - hmm b¤§t;;l2ar;l¤,1indl.ake Epic, thfeehthpusand dgllarsitv I b g . · _ n mm.- or a r t- ouse at it est rar or, five thou- ,,,E,:¥,l;§f*° gpd dollzrs to complete th light-house ai Michigan City, three · usan ol ars. hgggm; ‘ Smfé of Iivttisiana.-—-·For a beacon-light at or near the southwest MLM g pass ot Vermillion bay, five thousand dollars; for erecting a lighthouse chumi:°g; N YM PUBS between Lake Pontchartrain and Lake M aurepas, six thou- · ~ · sand dollars; for erecting a light-house, and a house for the keeper, on Saint Joseph’s island, in Lake Borgne, twelve thousand dollars- for glvasislgotwtgtbluoys gshlhauphin Igand pass, two buoys at Pass Maridnnc, Ys858 rrstran, an two buo s at Heron ass, filleen hundred dollars; for beacons and light-housed at the entrahce of the harbor

 recently constructed on Lake Pontchartrain, at the canal above New

Bayou St. . Orleans, twenty-five thousand dollars; for erecting alight-house on Lake _;,,,,,,, g91;l0b8l‘l*.!‘8.ll1, at the mouth of the Bayou Saint John, ten thousand 7 Ptlrfgtvnt- · ¤l 21% E l`0l‘ beacons and light-houses at Port Pontchartrain, in addition , g ——Mi“m_ · to the sum heretofore appropriated, twenty thousand dollars. g { ¥PP*· - fsgwfe of MsstssZ»f1,—For the erection of a light·house at the mouth · fg, I _ Y , gundeggllgler, m a. mon to the sum heretofore appropriated, five th0¤·