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TWENTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 40. 1837. 185 Smtc of rllichigan.-—For a light-house on a proper site at the mouth Michigan. of Grand river, five thousand dollars; for a light-house at a proper site at the mouth of Detroit river, five thousand dollars; for a light-house on Windmill island, at the outlet of Lake St. Clair, five thousand dollars ; for erecting a light-house at the mouth of Saginaw river, five thou- §G8`l““wh’l"“'· sand dollars ; for erecting a light-house at Wagoosharice, or Fox point, 0, p2§‘i¥:;n?cc’ on the Straits of Michillimackinac, nre thousand dollars; for erecting _ Kalamuvv a light-house at the mouth of Kalamazoo river, five thousand dollars. "'"‘ Zkrritary mf Fl0rida.—F or a light-house on the most suitable site Florida. at or near the east entrance from the Gulf of Mexico into Appalachi- Appalachicola cola bay, to be selected by the Secretary of the Treasury, ten thousand b“X· 7 dollars; for a light-house at the entrance of Saint Joseph’s bay, ten bnSt‘J°S°phs thousand dollars ; for three buoys at the mouthofSaint .Tohu’s river, one J0l1u’s thonsand dollars; for buoys to mark the channel from tl1c eastern pass mg'- , ,. Ola into Appalachicola bay to the town of Appalachicola, one thousand b,,y_ppa unc dollars ; lor a light-boat to be stationed at the northwest passage, twelve miles from Key West, ten thousand dollars; for buoys at the north- Ka W°“· west passage and harbor of Key West, eight hundred dollars; for a KEY lv?"" light-house on the north point of Amelia island, eight thousand dollars; ’l'°°h$"1afd' for rebuilding and changing the location of the light-house at Mosquito ,£I°“l°"° m` inlet, seven thousand dollars; for placing buoys on a rock in the outer harbor of Key West, five hundred dollars; for securing the foundation K°5' W°“‘· of the light·house on Sand Key, and for the attendance of a boat pro- Sami KW- cured by the lake keeper, one thousand six hundred and twenty dol- _ _ lars; for rebuilding the light-house at Cape Florida, ten thousand (*°l’° Fl°"d°‘ dollars; for a light—house on Carryforce reef on the southeastern ex- ,,cg'r'yf°r°° treniity of the coast of Florida, twenty thousand dollars. _ _ Tlzrritnry mf VWsc01tsin.—For erecting a llgln.-house at the mouth of Milwaukee river, five thousand dollars; for erecting a light-house at ,;,,€,_ the mouth of the Manitowac river, five thousand dollars; for a light- M¤¤iF¤W¤<= ¤`iV¤\’· house at Chipewagan, five thousand dollars; for erecting a light-house Ch‘P"`”°g"" at the entrance of Green bay, five thousand dollars; for erecting a G"°°“l’“Y‘ light-house at Root river, five thousand dollars. R°°tm°r' Sec. 2. Anrl be it furtlwr enacted, That before any of the improve- theimioizl °f ments aforesaid are commenced, the Board of Navy Commissioners ments are com shall cause an examination to be made for the purpose of ascertaining *é*¢¤%°d,, iff, whether the safety of navigation requires any additional facilities, and Cg;:n,;;s;,,:,,,{, if so what is most suitable for each place needing such additional facili- to cause an exties, and thereupon to report their opinion in regard to all such places ?n";gL°"§'_: t°a,l;g as speedily as may be to the Secretary of the Treasury, who shall pro- mpoyi to {fm ceed with the works so recommended. But if the said board, alter $¢=<=¤’¢'»¤U' °*` **1* causing such examination to be made, shall be of opinion that any of T""""` said improvements are not needed to facilitate the navigation, or that the navigation is so inconsiderable as not to justify the proposed works, or that the same are inexpedient from any cause, no further proceeding shall be had, and their opinions with the facts shall be reported to Congress. Sue. 3. And be it_]‘in·ther enacted, That the Secretary of the Trea- ,,‘§‘Jf.‘r':;;`YU°€° sury be, and he is hereby, authorized to adopt the improvements m adopirhsnn. lamps and lanterns of light-houses, and the mode of warming the same, p¥¤V<>mgL* *?u_ invented by Isaac Dunham, il, in his opinion, after due examination, vfglfj by f,,,,,,, and trial thereof, (if necessary,) said improvements shall be deemed of Drnmam,_on cerutility in respect to the saving of expense, in repairs and support, or m ml" °°f"lm°" · respect to improving the lights ; Provider/, the right to adopt said xm- Pm""' provements in the light-houses and light-boats of the United States can be obtained on terms which the Secretary shall deem reasonable. Aruutovnri, March 3, ISS?'. Vot,. V.—“2l Q 2