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186 TWENTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. 1I. Ch. 41. 1837. Sruuull. March 3, 1837_ C1-up. XLI.-T An'.Hot to authorize and sanction the safes vf reserves, pravidgqfm. ···-·-—-·——·· Gres/1: Indzans zn me treaty of Mmh twentyfour, czghteen hundred and tlnrty. VOL vii p_ 86E_ two, in certain cases, and for other pulpvsas. B2 it enacted by the Senate and Houseqf Representatives of the United These which States of America in Congress assembled, That the President of the shsiliwmain United States may, and he is hereby authenzcd to, cause all the reserves

  • X;’g}‘;’;‘,f:: belonging to the Creek Indians by virtue of the provisions of the treaty

bsisold ntgiub- of Much twenty·fourth, eighteen hundred and thirty-two, which shall F¤’¤¤¤1i¤¤. &·<=- remain unsold on the fourth day of April next, to be sold at public aug. tion in the Creek country; after giving at least sixty days notice of the time, place and terms of sale in the public prints, and to cause patents to be issued to the purchasers of said reserves. Confirmation Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the President of the United °{g“l°¤*g' *h°,. States may, and he is hereby authorized to, coulirm the sales by the g;,,g¥’Ind§hg widow, the widow and children, the children, or the lawful administrator who have or of Creek Indians who have died, or who may die, prior to the fourth ‘““Y d*°.b°f°'° day of April next, without having legally disposed of said reserves, and 4th April next . . - ,g,,,,_ ’ to receive the purchase-money, or such porttons of IC as may- not have been paid to the persons entitled to it, and to cause patents to be issued Proviso. therefor to the purchasers; “Provided, That. sales made by lawful administrators shall be entitled to u preference over sales made by widows and children." P¤Y1¤¤¤f_ of Sm. 3. And be it further enacted, That the President may, and he Qgfgghcgfd is hegeby authorized toi pay tht-nh person; entitled thereto, the money {fom purchmr, whrc lmay e receive from the pure asers o reserves under the ¤5¤d¢¤‘_¤¤¢hNi2r authority given in the two preceding sections, at such times and in such §g°émig:“amounts as he shall deem best for the parties concerned; or, if he think M,proper, to invest the whole or any part of said purchase-money in stocks, and pay the interest to the persons entitled, in such amounts, and in such manner, as, in his opinion, will be most advantageous for them: Provlsc. Provided, That he may cause the principal of the sum or sums so invested to be paid to the persons entitled thereto, whenever he may think Further pro- proper: And provided, furtlwr, That the provisions of this act shall vmo. be executed under such regulations and restrictions as the President p may prescribe. The President Sec, 4. And be it further enacted, That it may be lawful for the

7L::°n%°,;’°° President of the United States to cause the sum of one dollar and

qunrrgrtpgr dr twenty-tive cents per acre to be paid to the Creek Indians, whose names NNW 69* were omitted to be entered on the census—roll taken under the treaty ol`

 ("'°°k eighteen hundred and thirty-two, and to those whose names appear on

said roll, but for whom no locations have been made who shall appear from proper evidence, to be justly entitled to reservations under the pro; rrcvisc. visions of said treaty; Provided, That the sums thus payable under this Section may be invested in stocks upon the same terms and conditions, - and under the same regulations and restrictions ss are herein before prescribed in respect to moneys payable under the first and second sec- Y£`:¤¢h¤r pr<>· _ tions of this act; Provided, further, That no transfer by the person ‘ V entitled under this section shall be valid. M¤:¤3Y ¤PP\'0· _ Sec. 5. Alnd ba it f}n·th¢:r enacted, That, for the purpose of carrying fh'l,::ct':,?“‘;’““'-Y into effect the provisions of the three first sections of this act, the sum ,5%;, often thousand dollars be and the same is hereby appropriated, together vyith inch pum us may be necessary to carry into elfect the fourth sechon t rerco . Ar-movmv, March 3, 1837.