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TVVENTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 180. 1838. 289 Srxrurn II. CHAP. CLXXX;-/In Act making appropriations for building light-houses, tight- Jul 7 1838 boats, beacon-/zghts, buoys, and ma/cing surveys, for the year one thousand eight y ’ ' hundred and tlttrty-eight. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the (hated States m' America in Congress assembled, That the following appropriations be, and the same are hereby, made and directed to be paid out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated; to enable the Secretary of the Treasury to cause to be erected and esta·· blished, the light-houses, beacon-lights, buoys, and to make the surveys herein provided for, to wit: State of ]lIaine.—-For the erection of two buoys near the entrance Maine. of Portland harbor, viz: one on Taylor’s ledge, and one on Broad- 'I;,‘>g°"¤ l°d€° cove rock, five hundred dollars. fsck_ r°ad°°v° For rebuilding the light-house on Wood island, five thousand dollars. Wood island. For placing monuments on Fort·point ledge, Adam’s ledge, and Fort-point Buck ledge, in Penobscot river, one thousand three hundred dollars, lggggrgggxck in addition to the former appropriation for that purpose. ledgei L For placing a monument on Bulwark ledge, about seven miles east— Burwark southeast of Portland light-house, three thousand dollars, MZ8- For placing one buoy on Drummer’s ledge, south of Mark island, ,l?i*'“mm°'1$[ k and one buoy on Mark island ledge, five hundred dollars. ,;l,§,%ii;gg,,_" For erecting a light—house on Bear island, at the entrance of Mount Bear island. Desert harbor, three thousand dollars. For erecting a monument on Bunker’s ledge, outside of said island, 1l?i¤¤k¤¢"¤ one thousand dollars. ° g°’ For placing one buoy at the southwest entrance of said Mount De- hM§“¤* D;S°'* sert harbor, and two buoys on the reef in the middle of Bass harbor, Bl,;8°i{,,E0,._ one hundred and fifty dollars. For placing a buoy on Bantam ledge, outside of Ram island, two Bantamledge. hundred dollars. For erecting a stone beacon and a buoy on Halfltide ledge in the Hamcide county of Hancock, twelve hundred dollars. l°’dg°‘ For placing a spar buoy on a ledge in the vicinity of Crab·tree’S Qi-ab-tree’s point, about four miles below Sullivan harbor, in said county, one P°m* hundred and fifty dollars. For the erection of a monument or beacon on York ledge, offthe York ledge. entrance of York harbor, ten thousand dollars. For erecting a lighthouse and sea-wall at Saddle-back ledge, in Penob- léjaddk-l>¤¤l< scot bay, ten thousand dollars in addition to the former appropriations. ° g°' State Qflv-L'l0 Hazzq1shir·e.—For the erection of a pier on the east side New Hampof Whaleback light—house, to protect the same, seventeen thousand dol- Swggwback lars, in addition to the appropriation already made for that purpose. i;ght.h0u¤e_ State of llIassaehusetts.—For the erection of two small beacon-lights, Massachusetts. on the north side of Nantucket island, in addition to a former appro- m§,a“*"°k°*‘“l' priation for that purpose, two thousand one hundred dollars. ° For completing the light-house on Mayo beach, in Welilect bay, two Mayo beach, thousand dollars. For a monument, in the place of one carried away, on Bowditch’s Bowditch':: ledge, in the harbor of Salem, five thousand dollars. l°dg"‘ For a monument on Bowbill ledge, in the harbor of Manchester, or gowbm mags, for removing the same, at the discretion of the Secretary of the Treasury, five thousand dollars. For rebuilding the two light-houses on Plumb island, near New- plumb rama, buryport, tour thousand dollars. State of Rhode Islaml.———Fox· buoys or dolphins in Providence river, Rhode Island. six hundred dollars. vg°“d°“°° l"' For placing two spindles at the mouth of Paucatuck river, the sum pgucatuck H, of four hundred dollars. V¤*`· ‘ Vox,. V.——37 Z