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298 TWENTY-FIF TH CONGRESS. Sess.II. Ch. 186. 1838. A Swann II. July 7, 1838. cmp, GLXXXVI.-an not making apprqnriatimwfar the current and contipgem

 npcm of me Indzan department, and for fubilhng treaty stzpulatnms with

' the various Indian trtbes, for the year one thousand ezght hundred and thirty- eight. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following sums be, _Appropria· and they are hereby, appropriated, for the year one thousand eight hun- ¤°”¤· dred and thirty-eight, for the purpose of paying the current expenses gf the Indian department, fulfilling treaty stipulations with the various Indian tribes, and contingent expenses, to be paid out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated: _ For the current and contingent expenses of the Indian department, viz: Supm of {mu. For the pay of the superintendent of Indian affairs at St. Louis, and ¤¤¤!l"¤l¤ MSL the several Indian agents as provided by the acts of June thirtieth £‘;:‘:é;';‘g“' eighteen hundred and thiriy-four, and of March third, eighteen hundred and thirty-seven, sixteen thousand five hundred dollars; Pay of my,. For pay of sub-agents, authorized by the act of June thirtieth, eighagents. teen hundred and thirty-four, thirteen thousand dollars; psy of gm,. For the pay of interpreters, as authorized by the same act, nine thou- Pfcters. sand three hundred dollars; pmscmw, For presents to Indians, authorized by the same act, five thousand Indians. dollars ' Provisions for For ihe purchase of provisions for Indians, at the distribution of an- I¤d¤¤¤- nuities, while on visits of business with the superintendents and agents, Bundin at and when assembled on public business, eleven thousand eight hundred ud °g°”E;“° r doiim in b ur · a t th al · .1 om. esp o or e necessary u mgs require a e sever agencies an I'gg'L‘lgY’°}_;,“ repairs thereof, ten thousand dollars ; i ($.4;,,,,,,,,,O,. of _Forfpplstages,_renzs, staiionepy, fugl {for officersgt othefl contipger; nseonsm. cies 0 e n ran epar men an or transpo a ion an mc: ent Ssltlkddlsglgfg expenses, thirty-six thousand fnie hundred dollars; T,,€,;t,,,.y_ For the salary of one clerk in the office of the Governor of Wiscon— gurryinginto sin Territory, who is ex—ofncio superintendent of Indian affairs, eight

,l:;;"£‘;l" hundred dollars;

Six Nations Q,; For the salary of one clerk in the office of the acting superintendent lgezvygagrlgi of Ighe Western Territory, one thousand dollars; d or carrying into effect the stipulations of certain Indian treaties an NgiX,,,¥,;;k' the laws connected therewith, viz : wymg- I For the Six Nations of New York, four thousand five hundred dole · ars · so , a ’ . ggigwsswnd For the Senecas of New York, six thousand dollars; Qhriatian In· For the Ottawas, twenty-six thousand eight hundred dollars; dlglgmics For the Wyandots, six thousand eight hundred and forty dollars; E.,1mv.§.-,_ For the Wyandots, Munsees, and Delawares, one thousand dollars; Ifoetowum For the Christian Indians, four hundred dollars; m1¥;‘:;aWum_ For the Miamies, one hundred and fifty-four thousand one hundred mics ornuron. and ten dollars; £¤¤gy3:¤- For the Eel Rivers, one thousand one hundred dollars;

 ° For the Pottawatamies, eighty-eight thousand one hundred and

ltormwam. twenty dollars; · rylvigpghthe For the Pottawatamies of Huron,_four hundred dollars; P0,,¤w;M_ For the Pottawatumres of the Prairie, sixteen thousand dollars; miesqf rnd1mm_ Ifor the Pottawatumies of the Wabash, twenty thousand dollars; 0(il¤PP¤W¤¤h For the Pottawatnmies of Indiana, seventeen thousand dollars; Pollxsga? f Fog th; Spippewas, Ottawas and Pottawatamies, forty-two thousand miss, our un r and ninety dollars;