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'1`WENTY—SEVENTII CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 16. 1841. 457 and if any person taking such oath shall swear falsely in the premises, Persons swearhg or she shall be subject to all the pains and penalties of perjury, and @8 WSBIY, P8!`- Shan forfeit the money which he or she may have paid for said land, ·""y‘ and all right and title to the same; and any grant or conveyance which he or she may have made, except in the hands of bona fide purchasers, for a valuable consideration, shall be null and void. And it shall be the Duty of ¤h<>_ duty of the officer administering such oath to Hlc a certificate thereof in {’£;°rt§';“:'?;' the public land office of such district, and to transmit a duplicate copy g a ` to the General Land Office, either of which shall be good and sumcicnt evidence that such oath was administered according to law. Sec. 14. And be it furt/ner enacted, That this act shall not delay the Sale oflands sale of amy of the public lands of the United States beyond the time ¤Q* d81W6d by which has been, or may be, appointed by the proclamation of the Presi- this a°t' dent, nor shall the provisions of this act be available to any person or persons who shall fail to make the proof and payment, and file the affidavit required before the day appointed for the commencement of the sales as aforesaid. Sec. 15. And be it furihcr enacted, That whenever any person has Persons who settled or shall settle and improve a tract of land, subject at the time of hm'? 0* may settlement to private entry, and shall intend to purchase the same under $:;:1; the provisions of this act, such person shall in the first case, within three mm to purchase months after the passage of the same, and in the last Within thirty days und? *5** agb next after the date of such settlement, file with the register of the proper zjfmffe rgcéistx. district a written statement, describing the land settled upon, and dc- a statement, clariug the intention of such person to claim the same under the provi- &°· sions of this act; and shall, where such settlement is already made, within twelve months after the passage of this act, and where it shall hereafter be made, within the same period after the date of such settlement, make the prooi affidavit, and payment herein required; and if hc or she shall fail to file: such written statement as aforesaid, or shall fail t0 make such afdduvit, pr00fQ and payment, within the twelve months aforesaid, the tract of land so settled and improved shall be subject to the entry of any other purchaser. Sec. 16. And be itfuréher enacted, That the two per cent. of the nett The fz P6? proceeds of the lands sold, or that may hereafter be sold, by the United °$g;égd§ 0°}"°“ States in the State of Mississippi, since the first day of· December, Eargdq sqld ju eighteen hundred and seventeen, and by the act entitled "An act; to Mmslimplg enable the people of the western part of the Mississippi Territory to :g;;°§,cft181$; form a constitution zmd State government, and for the admission of such &c. religqgisgp State into the Union on an equal footing with the original States," and °E1 *° M*S¤*SS*P· all acts supplemental thereto reserved for the making of a road or roads PL leading to said State, bc, and the same is hereby relinquished to the 1817* °h’ 2B' State of Mississippi, payable in two equal instalments; the first to bc paid on the first of May, eighteen hundred and forty-two, and the other on the first of May, eighteen hundred and forty-three, so far as the same may then have accrued, and quarterly, as the same may accrue, afier said period: Pravidcd, That the Legislature of said State shall first pass Proviso. an act, declaring their acceptance of said relinquishment in full of said fund, accrued and accruing, and also embracing a provision, to be unalterable without the consent of Congress, that the whole of said two pcr cent. fund shall be faithfully applied to the construction of a railroad, lending from Brandon, in the State of Mississippi, to the eastern boundary of said State, in the direction, as naar as may bc, of the towns 0f Selma, Cahaba, and Montgomery, in the State of Alabama. The two pm, Sec. 17. And be it further enacted, That the two per cent; of the nett cen; of the mg; proceeds of the lands sold by the United States, in the State of Alabama, gn since the first day of September, eighteen hundred and mncteen, and jgasama, &c_ reserved by the act entitled "An act to enable the people of the Ala- ycyinquisheago bama Territory to form a constitution and State government, and for Alabamavm,. v.-ss 2 0