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Plenipotentiaries- The Government of Norway: Continued. Mr. B . VOGT, Norwegian Minister in London. Mr. L . T. HANSEN, Director of the Department of Shipping, Ministry of Commerce and Navigation. Mr. J . SCHNEHEYDER, Surveyor-in-Chief of the Ship and En- gineer Division, Ministry of Commerce and Navigation. Mr. Arth H. MATHIESEN, Vice-President of the Norwegian Ship- owners' Association. Captain N. MARSTRANDER, Chairman of the Board of the Nor- wegian Masters' Association. Mr. A . BIRKELAND, Manager of the Norwegian Seamen's and Firemen's Union. The Government of the Netherlands: Vice-Admiral C. FOCK, Inspector-General of Navigation. Mr. C. H. DE GOEJE, Ex-Inspector-General of Navigation, Netherland East Indies. Mr. A. VAN DRIEL, Adviser on Naval Architecture, Shipping In- spection Service. Mr. J. A. BLAND VAN DEN BERG, Inspector of Coastal and Ships' Radiotelegraphy. Mr. Phs. VAN OMMEREN, Junior, Chairman of Phs. van Ommeren, Ltd. Mr. H. G. J. UILKENS, Ex-Commodore of the Netherland Steam- ship Company. The Government of Sweden: Baron PALMSTIERNA, Swedish Minister in London. Mr. Nils Gustaf NILSSON, Assistant Under-Secretary in the Board of Trade. Captain Erik Axel Fredrik EGGERT, Maritime Expert to the Social Board. The Government of the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics: Mr. Jan Lvovitch ARENS, Counsellor to the U. S . S . R . Embassy in Paris. Captain Karl Pavlovitch EGGI, Commander of the Icebreaker "Lenin," Soviet Merchant Fleet (Sovtorgflot). Who, having communicated their full powers, found in good and due form, have agreed as follows:- Chapter I. -Prelim- inary. Purpose. Regulations. Post, p. 1188. References. CHAPTER I. - PR EL I M INARY. ARTICLE 1. THE Contracting Governments undertake to give effect to the pro- visions of the present Convention for the purpose of promoting safety of life at sea, to promulgate all regulations and to take all other steps which may be necessary to give the present Convention full and com- plete effect. The provisions of the present Convention are completed by Regu- lations contained in Annex I, which have the same force and take effect at the same time as the present Convention. Every reference to the present Convention implies at the same time a reference to the Regulations annexed thereto. 1128 TREATIES