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TREATIES Ships not included. Watertight subdivi- sion of ships. Degree. Method of determi- nation. Post,p. 1188 . Subdivision load- lines. Post, p. 1200 . Peak and machin- ery space bulkheads, shaft tunnels, etc. Post, p. 1200. (a.) That the fullest provision which the circumstances of the trade will permit shall be made in the matter of construction. (b.) That steps shall be taken to formulate general rules which shall be applicable to the particular circumstances of these trades. Such rules shall be formulated in concert with such other Contract- ing Governments, if any, as may be directly interested in the carriage of such passengers. 7. This Chapter does not apply to ships which are not mechanically propelled or to wooden ships of primitive build, such as dhows, junks, &c. ARTICLE 5. Watertight Subdivision of Ships. 1. Ships shall be as efficiently subdivided as is possible having re- gard to the nature of the service for which they are intended. The requirements respecting subdivision are given in the following Articles and in the Regulations. 2. The degree of subdivision provided for by these requirements varies with the length of the ship and with the service, in such manner that the highest degree of subdivision corresponds with the ships of greatest length primarily engaged in the carriage of passengers. 3. Regulations I to V indicate the method to be followed in order to determine the degree of subdivision applicable to a ship. 4. In order that the required degree of subdivision shall be main- tained, a loadline corresponding to the approved subdivision draft shall be assigned and marked on the ship's sides. A ship having spaces which are specially adapted for the accommodation of passengers and the carriage of cargo alternatively may, if the owners desire, have one or more additional loadlines assigned and marked to correspond with the subdivision drafts which the Administration may approve for the alternative service conditions. The freeboard corresponding to each approved subdivision loadline, and the conditions of service for which it is approved, shall be clearly indicated on the Safety Certificate. Subdivision loadlines shall be marked and recorded in the manner provided in Regulation VII. AETICLE 6. Peak and Machinery Space Bulkheads, Shaft Tunnels, &c. All ships shall be fitted with watertight forward and after peak bulkheads and with watertight bulkheads at the extremities of the machinery space, and, in screw ships, with watertight shaft tunnels or equivalent subdivision in accordance with the provisions of Regu- lation VI. 1134