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TREATIES Post, p . 1254. Ingress and egress. Emergency lighting. Lighting exits, etc. Certificated lifeboat- men. Post, p. 1256. 3. A life-jacket or life-buoy shall not be approved by an Administra- tion unless it satisfies the requirements of Regulation XL applicable to life-jackets and life-buoys respectively. 4. In this Article the expression "life-jacket" includes any appliance capable of being fitted on the body, having the same buoyancy as a life-jacket. ARTICLE 21. Means of Ingress and Egress. Emergency Lighting. 1. Proper arrangements shall be made for ingress to and egress from the different compartments, decks, &c. 2. Provision shall be made for an electric or other system of light- ing, sufficient for all requirements of safety, in the different parts of the ship, and particularly upon the decks on which the lifeboats are stowed. On ships in which the boat deck is more than 9 15 metres (30 feet) above the waterline at the lightest seagoing draught, provi- sion shall be made for the illumination from the ship of the lifeboats when alongside and in process of or immediately after being launched. There must be a self-contained source capable of supplying, when necessary, this safety lighting system, and placed in the upper parts of the ship above the bulkhead deck. 3. The exit from every main compartment occupied by passengers or crew shall be continuously lighted by an emergency lamp. The power for these emergency lamps shall be so arranged that they will be supplied from the independent installation referred to in the pre- ceding paragraph in the event of failure of the main generating plant. ARTICLE 22. CertificatedLifeboatmen. Manning of the Boats. 1. In every ship to which this Chapter applies there must be, for any boat or life raft carried in order to comply with this Chapter, such number of certificated lifeboatmen as is required by Regulation XLI for that boat. Allocation to boats 2. The allocation of the certificated lifeboatmen to each boat and and lifo rafts . andlirafts life raft remains within the discretion of the master, according to the circumstances. Term defined. 3. By "certificated lifeboatman" is meant any member of the crew who holds a certificate of efficiency issued under the authority of the Administration in accordance with the conditions laid down in the afore-mentioned Regulation. Manning of the 4. The manning of the boats shall be as prescribed in Regulation boats. Post, p . 1256. XLII. ARTICLE 23. Line-Throwing Appliances. plances g ap- Every ship to which this Chapter applies shall carry a line-throw- ing appliance of a type approved by the Administration. 1144