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1146 Carriage of danger- ous goods. Exceptions. Precautions to be taken. Post, p. 1256. Muster roll and drills. Post, p. 1262. Chapter IV. -Ra- diotelegraphy. Application. Definition. Radio installation. Poet, p. 114. TREATIES ARTICLE 24. Dangerous Goods. Fire Protection. 1. The carriage, either as cargo or ballast, of goods which by reason of their nature, quantity, or mode of stowage, are, either singly or collectively, liable to endanger the lives of the passengers or the safety of the ship, is forbidden. This provision does not apply to the ship's distress signals, nor to the carriage of naval or military stores for the public service of the State under conditions authorised by the Administration. Each Administration shall, from time to time by official notice, determine what goods are to be considered dangerous goods, and shall indicate the precautions which must be taken in the packing and stowage thereof. 2. The arrangements to be made for the detection and extinction of fire shall be as prescribed in Regulation XLIII. ARTICLE 25. Muster Roll and Drills. Special duties for the event of an emergency shall be allotted to each member of the crew. The muster list shall show all these special duties and shall indicate, in particular, the station to which each man must go, and the duties that he has to perform. Before the vessel sails, the muster list shall be drawn up and ex- hibited, and the proper authority shall be satisfied that the muster list has been prepared for the ship. It shall be posted in several parts of the ship, and in particular in the crew's quarters. Regulations XLIV and XLV prescribe the conditions under which musters of the crew and drills shall take place. CHAPTER IV.-RADIOTELEGRAPHY. ARTICLE 26. Application and Definition. 1. This Chapter applies to all ships engaged on international voyages except cargo ships of less than 1,600 tons gross tonnage. 2. For the purposes of this Chapter a cargo ship means any ship not being a passenger ship. ARTICLE 27. Fitting of Radio Installation. 1. All ships to which this Chapter applies shall, unless exempted under Article 28, be fitted with a radiotelegraph installation comply- ing with the provisions of Article 31, as follows:- (a.) All passenger ships, irrespective of size. (b.) All cargo ships of 1,600 tons gross tonnage and upwards.