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TREATIES 45 Stat. 2878, 2872. Uniformity of pro- cedure. Ice patrol. Derelicts in North Atlantic Ocean. The information provided for in paragraphs (a) and (b) of this article will be furnished in form for transmission in accordance with Article 31, §§ 1, 3 and 5, and Article 19, § 25, of the General Regula- tions annexed to the International Radiotelegraph Convention, Wash- ington, 1927, and during transmission "to all stations" of meteoro- logical information, forecasts and warnings, all ship stations must conform to the provisions of Article 31, § 2, of those General Regula- tions. Weather observations from ships addressed to national meteoro- logical services will be transmitted with the priority specified in Article 3, Additional Regulations, International Radiotelegraph Convention, Washington, 1927. Forecasts, warnings, synoptic and other meteorological reports intended for ships shall be issued and disseminated by the national service in the best position to serve various zones and areas, in accord- ance with mutual arrangements made by the countries concerned. Every endeavour will be made to obtain a uniform procedure in regard to the international meteorological services specified in this Article, and, as far as is practicable, to conform to the recommenda- tions made by the International Meteorological Organization, to which organization the Contracting Governments may refer for study and advice any meteorological questions which may arise in carrying out the present Convention. ARTICLE 36. Ice Patrol. Derelicts. The Contracting Governments undertake to continue a service of ice patrol and a service for study and observation of ice conditions in the North Atlantic. Further, they undertake to take all prac- ticable steps to ensure the destruction or removal of derelicts in the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean east of the line drawn from Cape Sable to a point in latitude 34° N. longitude 70° W. if this destruction or removal is considered necessary at the time. The Contracting Governments undertake to provide not more than three vessels for these three services. During the whole of the ice season they shall be employed in guarding the south-eastern, southern and south-western limits of the regions of icebergs in the vicinity of the Great Bank of Newfoundland for the purpose of informing trans-Atlantic and other passing vessels of the extent of this dangerous region; for the observation and study of ice conditions in general; for the destruction or removal of derelicts; and for the purpose of affording assistance to vessels and crews requiring aid within the limits of operation of the patrol vessels. During the rest of the year the study and observation of ice condi- tions shall be maintained as advisable, and one vessel shall always be available for the search for, and destruction or removal of derelicts.