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TREATIES The variations of the factors A and B shall be expressed by the following formulae (i) and (ii) where L is the length of the ship as defined in Regulation I (2):- L in feet. A 190 18 (L=430 and L-198 upwards). 100 i (L=260 and L-138 * upwards). Criterion of serv- ice. L in metres. AL-60+ upwards). 30-3 (L=79 and B L-4 2 + 8 upwards). (n) (ii) (2.) Criterion of Service. -For a ship of given length the appro- priate factor of subdivision shall be determined by the Criterion of Service Numeral (hereinafter called the Criterion Numeral) as given by the following formule (iii) and (iv) where:- C, = the Criterion Numeral; L = length of the ship, as defined in Regulation I (2); M = the volume of the machinery space, as defined in Regu- lation I (8); with the addition thereto of the volume of any permanent oil fuel bunkers which may be situated above the inner bottom and before or abaft the ma- chinery space; P = the whole volume of the passenger spaces below the margin line, as defined in Regulation I (9); V = the whole volume of the ship below the margin line; Pt = KN where:- N = number of passengers for which the certified, and K has the following values:- Length in feet and volumes in cubic feet . ........ Length in metres and volumes in cubicmetres......... ship is to be Value of K. .6L .056 L. Where the value of KN is greater than the sum of P and the whole volume of the actual passenger spaces above the margin line the lower figure may be taken provided that the value of PI used is not less than % KN. When Pt is greater than P p M+2P1 C,=72V++-P . ... ... ... . ... . Cii) Pand in other ases and in other cases M+2P C.=72 V Rules for subdivis- ion. . . . . . . . (iv) For ships not having a continuous bulkhead deck the volumes are to be taken up to the actual margin lines used in determining the floodable lengths. (3.) Rules for Subdiision. -(a.) The subdivision abaft thefore peak of ships 430 feet (131 metres) in length and upwards having a criterion numeral of 23 or less shall be governed by the factor A given by for- mula (i); of those having a criterion numeral of 123 or more by the 1194