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REGULATION IX. Openings in Watertight Bulkheads. tiOghtebigieds." (1.) The number of openings in watertight bulkheads shall be reduced to the minimum compatible with the design and proper working of the ship; satisfactory means shall be provided for closing these openings. (2.) -(a.) Where pipes, scuppers, electric-light cables, &c., are carried through watertight subdivision bulkheads, arrangements shall be made to ensure the integrity of the watertightness of the bulkheads. (b.) Sluice valves shall not be permitted in the watertight subdi- vision bulkheads. (3.)-(a.) No doors, manholes, or access openings are permitted- (i) in the collision bulkhead below the margin line; (ii) in watertight transverse bulkheads dividing a cargo space from an adjoining cargo space or from a permanent or reserve bunker, except as provided in paragraph (7). (b.) The collision bulkhead may be pierced below the margin line by not more than one pipe for dealing with fluid in the fore peak tank, provided that the pipe is fitted with a screwdown valve capable of being operated from above the bulkhead deck, the valve chest being secured inside the fore peak to the collision bulkhead. (4.) -(a.) Watertight doors fitted in bulkheads between permanent and reserve bunkers, shall be always accessible, except as provided in sub-paragraph 9 (b) for between deck bunker doors. (b.) Satisfactory arrangements shall be made by means of screens or otherwise, to prevent the coal from interfering with the closing of watertight bunker doors. (5.) Within the machinery space and apart from bunker and shaft tunnel doors, not more than one door may be fitted in each main transverse bulkhead for inter-communication. These doors shall be located so as to have the sills as high as practicable. (6.)-(a.) The only types of watertight doors permissible are hinged doors, sliding doors, and doors of other equivalent patterns, excluding plate doors secured only by bolts. (b.) A hinged door shall be fitted with catches workable from each side of the bulkhead. (c.) A sliding door may have a horizontal or vertical motion. If required to be hand operated only, the gearing shall be capable of being worked at the door itself and also at an accessible position above the bulkhead deck. 1204 TREATIES