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TREATIES In verifications of freeboard the decked boats shall be loaded with a weight of at least 75 kilogrammes (165 lbs.) for each adult person that the decked boat is authorised to carry. In all cases two children under 12 years of age shall be reckoned as one person. REGULATION XXXVI. Equipment of Boats and Life Rafts. Equipment of boats and life raft. 1. The normal equipment of every boat shall consist of:- (a.) A single banked complement of oars, two spare oars and a steering oar; one set and a half of thole pins or crutches; a boat hook. (b.) Two plugs for each plug hole (plugs are not required when proper automatic valves are fitted); a bailer and a gal- vanised iron bucket. (c.) A rudder and a tiller or yoke and yoke lines. (d.) Two hatchets. (e.) A lamp filled with oil and trimmed. (f.) A mast or masts with one good sail at least, and proper gear for each. (g.) An efficient compass. (h.) A life-line becketed round the outside. (i.) A sea-anchor. (i.) A painter. (k.)A vessel containing four and a half litres (equivalent to one gallon) of vegetable or animal oil. The vessel shall be so constructed that the oil can be easily distributed on the water, and so arranged that it can be attached to the sea-anchor. (I.) An airtight receptacle containing one kilogramme (equiva- lent to two pounds) of provisions for each person. (m.) A watertight receptacle provided with a dipper with lanyard containing one litre (equivalent to one quart) of fresh water for each person (n.) At least one dozen self-igniting "red lights" and a box of matches in watertight containers. (o.) Half a kilogramme (equivalent to one pound) of condensed milk for each person. (p.) A suitable locker for the stowage of the small items of the equipment. (q.) Any boat which is certified to carry 100 or more persons shall be fitted with a motor and shall comply with the Ante, p. 1234. requirements of Regulation XXVII. A motor lifeboat need not carry a mast or sails or more than half the complement of oars, but it shall carry two boathooks. Decked lifeboats shall have no plug-hole, but shall be provided with at least two bilge-pumps. In the case of a ship which carries passengers in the North Atlantic north of 35° North Latitude, only a proportion of the boats, to be fixed by the Administration, need be equipped with masts and sails, and only one-half the quantity of condensed milk need be carried. 1244