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TREATIES 2. Every ship shall be provided with powerful pumps, operated by steam or other means. On ships of less than 4,000 tons gross there shall be two, and on larger ships three of these pumps. Each of the pumps shall be capable of delivering a sufficient quantity of water in two powerful jets simultaneously in any given part of the ship, and shall be available for immediate use before the ship leaves port. 3. The service pipes shall permit of two powerful jets of water being simultaneously directed on any given part of a deck occupied by passengers and crew, when the watertight and fire-resisting doors are closed. The service pipes and hoses shall be of ample size and made of suitable material. The branches of the pipes shall be so placed on each deck that the fire hose can be easily coupled to them. 4. Provision shall be made whereby at least two powerful jets of water can be rapidly and simultaneously directed into any space con- taining cargo. In addition, arrangements shall be made whereby smothering gas sufficient to give a minimum volume of free gas equal to 30 per cent. of the gross volume of the largest hold in the ship can be promptly conveyed by a permanent piping system into each com- partment in which cargo is carried. Steam in adequately equivalent proportion may be accepted in place of smothering gas on steam- driven ships. Provision for the supply of smothering gas or steam need not be required in ships of less than 1,000 tons gross. 5. A sufficient number of portable fluid fire extinguishers shall be provided, at least two being carried in each machinery space. 6. Two equipments, consisting of a smoke helmet or breathing apparatus and a safety lamp, shall be carried on board, and kept in two widely separated places. 7. In steamships in which the main boilers are oil fired, there shall be provided in addition to means whereby two powerful jets of water may be rapidly and simultaneously directed into any part of the machinery spaces- (a.) Suitable conductors for spraying water on oil without undue disturbance of the surface. (b.) In each firing space, a receptacle containing 283 cubic dec- imetres (10 cubic feet) of sand, sawdust impregnated with soda, or other approved dry materials, and scoops for distributing the same. (c.) In each boiler room, and in each of the machinery spaces in which a part of the oil fuel installation is situated, two approved portable extinguishers of a type discharging froth or other approved medium suitable for quenching oil fires. 1258